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Today I am grateful for turning over rocks…

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 117

Today I am grateful for turning over rocks–and how that relates to living with intention, conscious, and wake-fullness. A trip to Point No Point yielded up an interesting insight–that when we choose to turn over the rocks in our lives, there are treasures to find. I can equate this to emotional, spiritual, and physical treasures in my life. And just like a trip to the beach, I know that there are things there–under the rocks, I just don’t always look to see what is there.

Today our late afternoon walk was blessed by the most magnificent clouds, light, reflections, and scenery. I could not stop exclaiming, pausing for photos, and simply staring in pure awe. I am so completely grateful for the desire to get out, to walk, to look see, and to do. What a lovely place that we live.

I am grateful for a Fella that adventures with me. At one point he said, “Let’s turn over rocks and look for crabs!” He immediately found an eel. This feels so magical. This little cutie was there, waiting to be discovered. We picked up crabs, and let them go–I like that we set the intention, and got what we were looking for. AND we also got the surprise of the eel. This to me represents the mystical, what is beneath the surface–what can’t be seen, until you take the time to look.

I am grateful for the time to wander slowly on the beach, taking in the sights and sounds. I think the key is in the slowing and the opportunity to be mindful. I love that the beach quite literally represents the ebb and flow of our lives. Ask yourself–is it high tide or low tide for you?

We investigated the driftwood, the shore line, watched the herons, picked up trash, found shells and heart shaped rocks. We saw the biggest barnacles that I have ever seen in my life, discovered small water falls, and remarked over and over about the raw beauty of place.

At one point I found a bucket lid–that I wanted to pick up–but it was just out of reach. My lovely fella suggested that I get a stick–“Great Idea!” I reached down and found a 2 foot stick… turned around and saw that he had a 6′ stick! We laughed and laughed. Oh my gosh, this is the difference between men and women–at its best! HA HA HA. He assured me that it is not the size, but how you use it! We used both sticks to pluck the bucket lid from the brambles–team work in action!

I can’t believe that I failed to snap a shot of the lighthouse! I did capture the driftwood animal sculptures, and AMAZING driftwood chairs on the porch of the lighthouse keeper’s quarters. I am grateful for the creative minds that can build with this kind of vision. I am grateful for the unabashed artists, who listen to the call of their vision–and create–for the joy of creating.

I feel deeply blessed. ___________________ 365 Days of Wonderful, a daily gratitude practice, for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

Thanks for tuning in!

May you be blessed with things that bring you Joy. And may you seek out ways to nurture your relationship with yourself and the planet. This is an incredible journey. Love is the keystone. Listen to your heart, and do more of what makes you supremely happy.

I am a Wellness Coach and Life Coach. I believe with all my heart that we are meant to have lives that we LOVE. IF you are inspired, I’d love to connect. Like, comment, share. Like my business page, visit my website. I am here for you–like the Fairy Godmother of Joy.

What do you want more of? [I want that for you too.] ______________ Individual Inquiry: Where could you use a little more consciousness around the rocks you turn over in your life? Can you find the treasures in your life–emotionally, spiritually, physically? Can you appreciate the ebb and flow of the tides in your life–and your emotions? Do you slow down enough to appreciate art? Clouds? The light color, and texture?

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