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About Monika Adams, M.Ed

  • Transformational Coach

  • Licensed Manual Therapist / CranioSacral Therapist

  • Independent BEMER Distributor

  • MELT Method Instructor

My BIG Why 

I lost my mother to colon cancer when she was only 57 years old--I was 36 at the time. When I was 42, I lost one of my best friends to Sarcoma, another cancer. This beautiful friend of mine was one of the "healthiest" people I knew.  She worked out, and hadn't eaten one deep fried item since we were 18 years old.  Losing these two influential people in my life set my life's work into motion. 

  • I wanted to help people feel better.  

  • I want to do everything in my power to live longer than my mother... much much longer.  

This incredible journey has led me to heal my own body, become a licensed manual therapist, and MELT Method Instructor, study coaching, functional nutrition, and now all things blood!  I am like an Alchemist searching for the elixir of life ~ our best path to Optimal Health.


Today I combine my experience, my knowledge of the body, and my soul-full orientation to life to help people feel better, and transform their lives--for good.  

Who Am I? 

How can I tell you all of who I am by What I do? Or have done?

I am Multi-Faceted.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiber Art, and a Minor in Women's Studies.  I have facilitated workshops, led community design/build projects.  I have led classes, and circles, and held space for transformation, inquiry, and reflection.

I am woman, girl, cousin, daughter, niece, granddaughter, business owner, advocate, full participator, health nut, science geek, writer, entrepreneur.  I dance, and drum, and tone.  I am tuned into the cycles of the seasons. I journal. I collage. I dream.  I travel. I play. I set intentions, and take empowered actions to get more of what I want.  I am in service to the healing of the planet, one action, one intention, and healing one beautiful soul at a time. 

Meander these pages and in each section I share my story, and my trainings.  Nobody wants to read a CV.  Enjoy the Journey, meander, watch, read, book an appointment ~ Let's Have a Heart to Heart.

I look forward to getting to know you.  



I have learned to lean into and sit with the dynamic tension of where I am, and the contrast of what I want.  


I have become a Master of Habit Change, and a Queen of Self Care.  


I have taken courses, and done the work.  I have walked through the fire & risen from the ashes.


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