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About Monika 


My Healing Journey

I'm sure you've heard the adage, "Physician, Heal Thyself."  After losing my mom and one of my best friends to cancer, my BIG motivator was to be sure that I lived a rich full life, and I want to have a Happy Healthy Body.  (I'll pass on the cancer gene--thanks.)

My research lead me to focus on enhancing epigenetic factors that will keep my genetic predispositions from switching on!  Science tells us the BEST way to keep from getting a disease, is to make changes to your lifestyle 20 years BEFORE you have symptoms.

In 2008, I became a licensed manual therapist, to help people feel better in their bodies. As I began working with my hands, I noticed how often my joints ached--honestly I was worried I had arthritis... My naturopath at the time suggested I try to cut out nightshades from my diet... (Which was REALLY HARD) and voila--no more joint pain.  This led me to play with my diet, and search for anti-inflammatory foods.  


In 2010, I chose to go gluten free, because my mom died of colon cancer.  At the time I would have told you that I had no symptoms or food sensitivities. I got a food Sensitivity test that showed a number of sensitivities... and looked quite radically like my shopping list.  My naturopath suggested that I probably had leaky gut. 


As I cleaned up my diet, and continued reasearching, I was introduced to the concept of anti-inflammatory and the paleo auto-immune protocol.  I chose to go Paleo in 2015.  Today I'm "mostly paleo" with occasional grains and legumes sneaking in. 


As a manual therapist people come to me, sharing about their aches and pains. I was recommending books and sharing articles, but make change is hard.  With a Masters In Adult Education, I understand the psychology of education, education styles, and how to help people learn.  In 2016 I decided to study coaching, to help people make change that lasts.  

There are so many more threads of my professional development, what led me to study CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Long Distance Healing, and how I came to be a MELT Method Instructor.. I will sprinkle these amidst my pages.  I am a science geek, and nutrition nerd.  I love all things that help us heal.  I believe the body is amazing and has the capacity to return to optimal function, even as we age.  

Read more about my wellness journey in these blogs:

I help people Transform Their Life ~ Body Mind & Soul.

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