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BEMER Therapy


What is BEMER? 

BEMER is a FDA Class 2 Consumer Medical Device from Europe that enhances blood flow. For more information on the science, technology, and testimonials:  Be sure to watch the 3 min Blood Flow video.  This shows blood flow before, during and after a BEMER Session. (WOW).

My BEMER Story

I was first introduced to BEMER in 2017.  When I first tried BEMER I noticed a light fluttery sensation in my feet.  The second time, I noticed it had a positive impact on my digestion.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Owner of a Wellness Center I understand the importance of blood flow--for our body's overall health.

Generally, when people come to see me they hurt.  All of my clients experience discomfort, and most have low energy. Some have had long term health issues, a few are in heath crisis. Absolutely all of them have blood.  I dug into the science, and was impressed by the research.  I signed up to become a distributor right away.  I attended a BEMER Academy and was blown away by the testimonials, and I bought my BEMER within a month.  

​I've been using BEMER twice a day and I have way more energy, clarity of focus, and I noticed that some of my body's cranky parts hardly ever get kicked up.  I have had three significant shifts: 

  • I started using BEMER twice a day and inFor some reason, I'm the kind of person that makes a lot of plaque, and I have a dental pick that I use several times a week. At three weeks' time I noticed I had way less plaque on my teeth. I could pick way less often.  My dentist asked "What have you been doing?!" And I shared taht I'd been using BEMER for better blood flow.  She said, "Keep doing it."  She tells me my oral health is better than ever, and I can skip the six month cleanings (but I don't).\

  • The second thing I noticed was less discomfort in my hip.  I had fallen off a ladder twenty years ago, and had a cranky right hip with constant chronic discomfort at about 5:10.  After about 3-4 months of using BEMER morning and night, I realized I hadn't even been aware of my hip in some time. Today there is just a tiny bit of tension there, not even a .5:10. Every now and again I aggravate it by doing too much in the yard, or with strenuous exercise.

  • I had injured my right shoulder several times over the past ten years, the most recent was in a sea kayaking class doing water exits.  Three shoulder injuries and it was in a state of chronic discomfort, never letting up, ranging between 4-6:10.  Sometimes it gets so inflamed I can barely raise my arm.  Also at  around 3-4 months of BEMER use my shoulder had no discernible discomfort--at all. Sometimes it gets aggravated with over use, so I use my BEMER to help the tissue stay healthy and happy. 


    I use my BEMER like most people use an ice pack or aspirin.

Why I choose BEMER:

  • Multiple World Wide Patents

  • Only PEMF device with 50+ published medical papers and studies

  • German Craftsmanship & Swiss Engineering

  • Sold in Europe for 20+ years, less than .08% return (less than 1%)

  • Over 1 million units sold | 43 Countries 

  • 6 year Space Act Agreement with NASA

  • Easy to Use

  • Non-Invasive within the Natural Frequencies of the Earth

  • Helps 100% of people with blood  :)

Experience BEMER

BEMER Therapy can be purchased as an add on to any in-person session, or as a just BEMER Therapy session.  

I love sharing BEMER.

  • I offer 3 free BEMER Sessions at my office.  

  • I also host Free BEMER Events @ 118 Bay Street

  • I offer Free BEMER Events in the Community--at Your Location.  

  • I have a BEMER Loaner program IF you'd like to try the BEMER Lifestyle of using it twice a day in your home with your family. 

  • I can share videos, links, studies, and testimonials.


Monika Adams is an Independent BEMER Distributor, and sells BEMERs for personal use.  


BEMER also has an Equine set for horses.

I have a colleague that has a Horse Set and

he loves to share it with horses!  

Schedule a demo at your stable-see below.

Learn more about BEMER by scheduling an appointment, or by coming to one of our events!


Learn About BEMER Therapy


Equine Enthusiast?

Check out BEMER Horse Set!

  • Award Wining Design

  • Enhance Recovery

  • Enhance Suppleness

  • Reduce Anxiety

Free demos at your stables.

Carl Sutherland:


(tell him Monika sent you)


At Your Home

Want to Try BEMER at your home with your family?  


I have a BEMER rental unit that I loan/rent out--depending on how long you want to try it.  


I'm even willing to mail it to you.


Want a Side Gig?

Do you have a passion for health and wellness?  Are you looking for a side gig?  

Message me for info on the The BEMER business opportunity; BEMER is a great company.  


I love sharing BEMER, and I am looking to grow a team of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs.  

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