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About BEMER Therapy

BEMER stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation.  BEMER is a FDA Class 2 Consumer Medical Device from Europe.  BEMER technology is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, its unique patented wave signal stimulates muscles, and the smooth muscle tissue of our vascular system. This enhances blood flow--to all the cells, tissue, and organs.   

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Try BEMER Therapy

When our blood flow is enhanced, all the cells are supported, and over time our body systems begin to function optimally, and the body's natural healing mechanisms are enhanced. 

BEMER Therapy can be purchased as an add on to any in-person session, or as a Just BEMER Therapy session.  

I love sharing resources for healing and optimal health.

  • I offer 3 free BEMER Sessions at my office.  

  • I also host Free BEMER Events @ 118 Bay Street

  • Find me at Free BEMER Events in the Community / or at Your Location.  

  • I have a BEMER Loaner program IF you'd like to try the BEMER Lifestyle of using it twice a day in your home with your family. 

  • Find out more at our BEMER Education nights (once a month)

  • Monika can share videos, links, studies, and testimonials.


Monika Adams is an Independent BEMER Distributor, and sells BEMERs for personal use.  BEMER also has an Equine set for horses ~ we are happy to schedule a demo at your barn or stables.  


Learn About BEMER Therapy

No upcoming events at the moment

BEMER Links & Resources

  •  3 min Blood Flow video.  This shows blood flow before, during and after a BEMER Session.  

  • 8 min What is BEMER video.  This explains the science and technology.

  • Why Blood Flow is Important video.  Our blood flow is the river of our health.  

  •  For more info, testimonials, and company information.  

  • Ask about the Horse Set, my friend Carl does free demos at your barn / stables.  

  • I have a BEMER rental unit that I loan/rent out, IF you want to try it daily at your home, with your family.

  • The BEMER Opportunity for folks with a passion for health and wellness.  BEMER is a great company.  I love sharing BEMER, and I am looking to grow a team of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs.  

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