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BEMER Therapy


What is BEMER? 

BEMER is a FDA Class 2 Consumer Medical Device from Europe that enhances local blood flow. For more information on the science, technology, and testimonials: 

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Why I choose BEMER

  • Multiple World Wide Patents

  • Only PEMF device with 50+ published medical papers and studies

  • German Craftsmanship & Swiss Engineering

  • Sold in Europe for 20+ years, less than .08% return (less than 1%)

  • Over 1 million units sold | 43 Countries 

  • 6 year Space Act Agreement with NASA

  • Easy to Use

  • Non-Invasive within the Natural Frequencies of the Earth

  • Helps 100% of people with blood  :)

Experience BEMER


BEMER Therapy can be purchased as an add on to any in-person session, or as a just BEMER Therapy session.  

  • 3 complimentary BEMER Sessions at my office  

  • BEMER Events in the Community / Your Location.  

  • BEMER Loaner program IF you'd like to try the using it twice a day in your home with your family. 


Monika Adams is an Independent BEMER Distributor  


BEMER also has an Equine set for horses.

I have a colleague that has a Horse Set, 

he loves to share it with horses!  

Schedule a demo at your stable-see below.

Discover BEMER.


Learn About BEMER Therapy

No upcoming events at the moment

Equine Enthusiast?

Check out BEMER Horse Set!

  • Award Wining Design

  • Enhance Recovery

  • Enhance Suppleness

  • Reduce Anxiety

Free demos at your stables.

Carl Sutherland:


(tell him Monika sent you)


At Your Home

Want to Try BEMER at your home with your family?  


I have a BEMER rental unit that I loan/rent out--depending on how long you want to try it.  


I'm even willing to mail it to you.


Want a Side Gig?

Do you have a passion for health and wellness?  Are you looking for a side gig?  

Message me for info on the The BEMER business opportunity; BEMER is a great company.  


I love sharing BEMER, and I am looking to grow a team of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs.  

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