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About Women's Circles

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What is Circle?

Women have been gathering together to support one another for a millennia.  We gather at births, we share meals at holidays, and come together to sew, create, & bake.  In our modern culture, we have lost our connections to each other and the value of circle.  


Circle is more important now than ever.  Women need a place to slow down, connect in community, quiet the chaos of life, and come together with other women.  We share, laugh, and lean into being human--with all its joys and challenges.  


We sit in a physical circle, discuss topics and relfect on our own lives. Each woman has an opportunity to share. Every woman she has equal time to be heard and witnessed. 

Circle is a powerful experience.  Circle is good medicine.  


In-Person events space is limited to 11 wonderful women. Online Circles meet via zoom, the link is issued with your registration.  

RSVP to reserve your spot in circle. 


Experience the Magic ~ Experience Circle.

No upcoming events at the moment

Tenets of Circle

Circle is for every woman. 

 We are all mirrors of one another and so there is no woman who does not belong. With circle we are creating unity, harmony, connection and collaboration. When we acknowledge our judgments and see those judgments as our own shadow, we begin to have more acceptance of ourselves and others. We start to heal the division between humanity.


Circle is a space for all voices to be heard. 

Everyone is an active participant. Everyone’s voice matters.

Circle is like a wheel, not a pyramid.

While there is a facilitator, there is no hierarchy in circle. Each woman matters. We are each a spoke on the wheel. 

Circle is a place of abundance. 

We are giving and receiving in the circle. It is not about always showing up as your best self to give. Sometimes, you may feel down and need support. The lesson here is in valuing the container seeing it as a mirror, and valuing yourself--no matter what is up for you.

Circle is sacred. 

When we step into circle, we honor the space. We come into a place of devotion—to ourselves, each other, and the circle itself. We turn off the distractions. We stop the chatter.

Circle is safe. 

We feel safe by feeling connected to one another. We develop trust through our agreements with one another. Circle is a place where women can share the things they are afraid to speak, and learn how to shine light on the shadow so it no longer exists.


Circle is a mirror. 

In circle we learn acceptance. There is no judgment in circle, because the part of you that I am judging is a part of myself I am not accepting. You are my sister, reflecting both my shadow and my light.

Circle is empowering. 

When we feel disempowered in an area of our life, we are able to claim back our power in circle from the other women reflecting our brilliance. We leave the circle feeling recharged, filled up, energized and empowered to take action in our lives.

Circle is expansive. 

By being filled up with love and support, we leave the circle feeling expansive in the areas where we came in feeling contracted. This is the place to unwind, uncoil and let go.

Circle is life. 

There is no separation between circle and our life. The goal is to bridge the safe, sacred space that occurs for a woman in the circle and her other relationships so there is no longer a gap.

I hope these inspire you to Join Us In Circle.

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