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Distance Sessions

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What is a Distance Session? 


What to Expect During a Session

You sit or lie in a comfortable place in your home, and we connect by phone or video call. I envision sitting alongside you, and ​working on you as if I were doing an in-person CranioSacral Session.

We begin by becoming present and tuned in your body.  I guide you through a grounding and filling exercise, and then we do a body scan to see what areas in your body need attention during our session. I ask you to bring your awareness to an area, and then ask what kind of nourishing energy this area might need?  

The nourishing sensation might be a sensation like warmth or coolness.  It might be envisioning filling the area with light, vibration, or a color.  As we stay present to the areas being treated, clients feel an energetic shift.  Clients often report sensing shifts in their bodies, seeing colors, or dream-like images.  As a practitioner I stay tuned into your field--much like a giant satellite dish.  I also become aware of sensations, images, thoughts, and feelings.  

Some times other areas of the body become activated during a session.  As if it was raising its hand to be treated.  I offer energetic hands and include that body part in our session.  Sometimes we connect the two areas being treated, and I might ask you to place your hands on the area, or you might feel called to stretch, fidget, move, or shift.  


During sessions a client is encouraged to stay present, and share what they are noticing.  Some clients feel get deeply relaxed, as though they drop into restorative dream state.  This work stimulates Theta Brain Waves.  No matter how you engage, the experience is transformative. 

Clients notice measurable changes and a lessening of their discomfort, tension.  Some clients connect with a valuable reframe, and experience a deep sense of emotional relief and calmness.

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How I was led to Energywork


When I was 10, my mother and aunt were in a meditation group.  They met weekly, while my cousins and I played quietly upstairs.  Eventually this lovely group of women got into Reiki, and my mother, aunt, and many of her friends became Reiki trained.

As a teenager there were always women offering hands of Reiki energy for whatever ailed me... headache, cramps, emotional hurts and disappointments.  At 18 I moved to Hawaii and in the isolation--I realized the power of touch.  

How does it work? 

Often when we hurt ourselves, our hands immediately soothe the area.  If we have a headache or feel stressed you might notice you rub your temples, or bring your hands to your face... this is energy work.  


We have a palpable magnetic energy that emanates off our body.  If you want to tune into this field, extend your arms and hands with your palms facing each other.  Try closing your eyes or softening your gaze so that you aren't really focusing on anything particular. Very slowly begin to bring your hands toward each other.  As the hands get closer and closer you may begin to feel an energetic field--almost as if you are holding a ball of energy (you are).  It may take a few tries to sense it.  It is there.  We are electro-magnetic beings with an auric field that surrounds us.  

I believe that our body--our system has an inherent ability to heal itself. Sometimes we might experience a fall, or an impact trauma, or an emotional upset and things take a jolt and then don't work so well.  Energywork, whether it is an in-person CranioSacral Session or a Distance Healing Session is like rebooting and de-fragging our internal hard drive.  

Distance Healing from the Core (DHFC)

I'm in the process of obtaining my DHFC certification, Dec 2023.  

I started following Suzanne Schurlock, through Upledger Institute's CranioSacral Therapy programs.  I picked up her books:

  • Full Body Presence

  • Healing From the Core, DVD Explorations

  • Reclaim Your Body's Wisdom

In 2019 I started studying with Suzanne, I have taken these courses:

  • Healing from the Core, Develop and Deepen Your Therapeutic Presence, Eslen Institute, Aug 2019

  • Five Pillars of Healing from the Core, May 2020

  • Expand Your Energy Presence, May 2020

  • Somatic Body Wisdom to Address Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Re-Activated Trauma, Shift Network, Jun 2020

  • Release & Renewal Retreat, Jan 2021

  • Healing from The Core (online), June 2021

  • Soul Embodiment, May 2022

  • Reclaim Your Sacrum, Reclaim Your Power, Jun 2023

Distance Healing form the Core & Advanced Immersions

2 Year Mentoring / Certification June 2020-May 2022​

  • Decoding Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas, Jul 2020, Nov 2021

  • Four Pillars of Distance Sessions, Sep 2020

  • Dialoging, Oct 2020​

  • Dying with Dignity Immersion, Nov 2020

  • Deepening Your Therapeutic Presence, Jan 2012

  • Dreamwork, Feb 2021

  • Discovering Your Energy Signature, May 2021

  • Decoding the Impact of Trauma, Jul 2021

  • Delivering Empowerment Immersion, Aug 2021

  • Dialoging 2 Mastery Immersion, Nov 2021

  • Demystifying the Ground & Fill, Advanced Immersion, Feb 2022

Other Relevant Trainings 

  • Shamanic Lucid Dreaming, 7 week course, Nov 2021-Feb 2022

  • Reiki II, Hillsboro Wellness Center, 2008 

  • Reiki I, with Reiki Master Judi Stevenson, Apr, 2006

  • Upledger Institute / Barral Institute

    • CranioSacral Therapy (CST) I & II​

    • SomatEmotional Release I & II

    • CST & the Immune Response I-IV

    • CST for Pediatrics I

    • Visceral Manipulation I-IV​

    • Listening Techniques

  • Oregon School of Massage Jan 2006-Jun 2008

    • Shiatsu​ / Eastern Focus

  • Body Talk Access, Dec 2005

Reiki Therapy

My Distance Trainings

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