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About Alchemy Wellness

Why Alchemy Wellness?

Alchemy is the ancient art/study of transformation. I love this as a starting place, a metaphor, analogy... Yes.  This is the work that I do as well.  


Ancient Alchemists:

  • Studied the Transmutation of Matter

  • Aimed to turn Metals (Life's Challenges) into Gold

  • Sought the Universal Elixir of Optimal Health

  • Split all forms of matter into a trinity of Body, Mind, & Soul.

Tenants of Alchemy:

Healthy Body ~ Calm Mind ~ Happy Soul


Healthy Body

The physical body consists of: Blood, Muscles, Bone, Connective Tissue, Water, and Microbes. Body is the structure that our soul inhabits--Our Space Suit.  I aim to rebalance health and physical imbalances, to optimize function

Practices to support Your Body:

  • Enhance Microcirculation

  • Enhance Neural-Fascial Communication

  • Release Trauma & Stuck Stress 

  • Get Bodywork

  • Learn to be Embodied

  • MELT

Calm Mind

In ancient studies of alchemy, Mind & Spirit are one. I think of this as the personality construct, or EGO. Eastern ideologies remind us that "monkey mind" and overactive thinking is detrimental for our health.

Nourish Your Mind Practices:

  • Slow Down

  • Breathe

  • Quiet In

  • Meditate

  • Practice Gratitude

Happy Soul

Soul is the essence that activates our physical bodies. Eastern traditions refer to soul as "The Observer Within." In ancient alchemical practices Soul is consciousness.

Practices to Nourish Your Soul:

  • Listen to Your Heart

  • Live in Alignment

  • Honor Intuitive Nudges

  • Choose to Remain Awake

  • Choose Soul-Filling People/Places/Things

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