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Heartworks Studio @ 817 Harrison

I have the blessing of being able to work from home​.  I have a small studio just half mile from historic downtown Port Orchard.  This residential setting offers a quiet sanctuary from the bustle of life.  

My Commitment to Your Health

  • Perfume & Dye Free Laundry Detergent and Dryer Sheets

  • I use refined, organic coconut oil instead of a manufactured lotion.

  • Certified pure therapeutic grade doTERRA Essential Oils may be added to your massage for the benefits of aromatherapy.

  • Drinking water is filtered and remineralized with a Nikken Aqua Pour

Tenants for Optimal Health

  • Enhance Your Circulation.  I advocate better blood flow.

  • Stay Hydrated,  I advocate drinking50% of your body weight in ounces of water each day.

  • Get Better Sleep.  Sleep is where our body detoxifies.  Knowing how well you sleep, and lengthening the duration of your sleep will have exponential benefits for your vitality.

  • Move Your Body.  Movement is absolutely necessary--every day.  Our joints stay hydrated, and our muscles remain resilient when we move.

  • Eat Nourishing Food.  Choose whole, colorful, and of the highest quality--as often as you can:  Organic, Free-Range, Wild-Caught.  Eat foods in their natural season.  Shop at Farmer's Markets and farm stands for seasonal, local, naturally ripened, and recently harvested produce. Eat pasture raised eggs--chickens should eat bugs and grass. 

  • Listen to Your Heart.  Do what brings you joy.

  • Practice Exquisite Self-Care.

  • Honor your Yes's and No's.  Say Yes when you want to, and No when you mean it.

  • Take steps towards your Dreams

  • Make Your Life Come True (no one else will) 


Tenants of Alchemy

Healthy Body

The physical body consists of: Blood, Muscles, Bone, Connective Tissue, Water, and Microbes. Body is the structure that our soul inhabits--Our Space Suit.  I aim to rebalance health and physical imbalances, to optimize function

Practices to support Your Body:

  • Enhance Microcirculation

  • Enhance Neural-Fascial Communication

  • Release Trauma & Stuck Stress 

  • Get Bodywork

  • Be Present in Your Body

Calm Mind

In ancient studies of alchemy, Mind & Spirit are one. I think of this as the personality construct, or EGO. Eastern ideologies remind us that "monkey mind" and overactive thinking is detrimental for our health.

Nourish Your Mind Practices:

  • Slow Down

  • Breathe

  • Quiet In

  • Meditate

  • Practice Gratitude

Couple Meditating

Happy Soul

Soul is the essence that activates our physical bodies. Eastern traditions refer to soul as "The Observer Within." In ancient alchemical practices Soul is consciousness.


Practices to Nourish Your Soul:

  • Listen to Your Heart

  • Live in Alignment

  • Honor Intuitive Nudges

  • Choose to Remain Awake

  • Choose Soul-Filling People/Places/Things

Enjoying Sunset

CV & Sanitizing Protocols

The health of my clients, and everyone's respective families is of the highest concern to me.  Many of my clients are immunocompromised, or they have family members who are.  

  • IF you are sick--PLEASE STAY HOME.  

  • IF you have a sore throat or have the sniffles (nd suspect allergies) I would prefer that you test for CV before confirming your appointment.   

  • IF you arrive masked, I will mask as well.

  • I will take your temperature with a no-touch infrared thermometer (and send you home if your temperature is elevated to 100.4 or greater).

  • No lobby waiting.  Clients text when they arrive and I wave you in, or text when I am ready for you.

  • I maintain strict hand washing protocols. 

  • I sanitize surfaces, before and after each client.

  • All linens are removed between each client.

  • I disinfect the face cradle between each client.

  • Most surfaces are wiped with UV sanitized hot cloths. 

  • ALL linens are washed in hot, and dried thoroughly in a hot dryer.

  • I run a 5 in 1 HEPA and UV Air Purifier. I use this during sessions and between clients. The turbo setting will completely filter the all the air in the studio in less than an hour.

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