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365 Days of Wonderful – Day 223

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 223

Today I am grateful for the vision of hindsight.  I went to a colleagues podcast the other day, to support her, to see what she was doing, and to check out podcasts in general.  I was both impressed and humbled.  She had a lovely site, and she had 67 episodes!

I immediately went into a critical rant berating myself… it sounded a bit like “Wow, look at all she has done… You should have stuck with something so that you would have this kind of volume of work.”  Honestly, a version of these messages played over and over in my head–compare and despair, judgement, and some sick-and-not-so-kind parental voice criticizing my own failings.  It is this kind of self-talk that stops us in our tracks.

For a few months I have been paralyzed with inaction–feeling like I have been having a professional business identity crisis…  I’ve been questioning my format, my audience, and my messaging. I’ve been chewing on my marketing messages, wondering who my ideal clients are, and how to reach them.  The gurus tell me I’ve been “re-branding.” I have changed my logo, my website name, and my Facebook business page. I’ve been taking webinars, and watching You Tube videos on everything under the sun–all geared toward finding “it.”

As part of my re-brand I decided to revamp my website and look around with a critical eye.  Interestingly… I found that I have 117 blog posts.  On my home page I only see the three most recent posts… But when I started to change the format, cleaning things up, it has taken me hours and hour, over a couple of days.  In hindsight, I realize that I have a volume of content; I am a blogger!

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world IF we could see ourselves with loving eyes instead of critical ones?

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