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365 Days of Wonderful – Day 180

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 180

Today I am grateful for re-framing and re-calibration. I feel a bit like I’ve been peeling an onion, layer by layer. Here I am at day 180–6 months into my daily gratitude practice and I have decided to shift this practice to my personal face book page instead of my business page. This gratitude practice is really my personal voice, my journey into a consistent daily gratitude practice.

I really appreciate all the feedback, hearts, thumbs, and comments that you contribute–it warms my heart and helps me feel connected–as I live out loud in my unique way, honing my voice. I am deeply honored, and grateful to know that you are tuning in.

For me, this half of the year has been an intense time of change and transformation. I love change really–from bettering myself to big moves. I am grateful to be tuning in and leaning into the tensions, like a dynamic yoga pose. I am grateful to be present in my body, breathing, moving, and feeling into my emotions. Maybe I have been numbing all these years, and now I am awake. I am certainly making new choices to support my awake-ness.

I am making changes to support my overall health and well-being. I am drinking less, swearing less, I am eating less sugar. I am doing less, and clearing out things that no longer serve me. I like to think that I am vibrating at a higher frequency and that all lower vibrational people, energy, and things will simply vibrate right out of my life, and drift away. It is a basic concept in Law of Attraction. Like attracts Like.

I am grateful for the positive shift. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What are you grateful for? What changes are you making to support your health and well being?

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