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365 Days of Wonderful – Day 181

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 181

Today I am grateful for completions.  I’ve been focusing on doing less and being more, of letting go of commitments and practicing healthy “no’s”.  “No thank you.”  “I am not available.”  ” I am not able to make it.” I’ve been tuning in, and feeling inward, and not doing something if I don’t want to.  This has been a completely transformative experience.  This practice has freed up both time and energy.  Instead of attending at meeting after work, I am heading home.

I am in the practice of creating “white space” in my life.  In advertising terms the “white space” is the area that surrounds the content of an ad, where the eye can rest.  White space is important.  We live in an overstimulating society.  We are bombarded by emails, internet news, images, notifications on our phones from messages, and posts, and software updates.  The machine is tracking our movements, and recording our clicks so that it can offer us ads that are related to our internet inquiries… all of these interactions are created for our convenience and  to enhance our ultimate shopping experience.  I am in desperate need of more white space–everywhere!

By saying no, and stepping off of leadership roles and out of committees, I have a new found sense of time–white space in my days.  I am far from the “bored” feeling of my teenage years, that I blissfully dream of.  But I have noticed that I am getting more done around the house.  I’ve mended a few soaker hoses, yesterday I trimmed those blackberry vines that are sprinting across the driveway. I am grateful to have filled 5 yard bins full of clippings, hacking back the overgrowth, dead-heading seed  pods, and attempting to stop the buttercup in its tracks. When there is more white space in my daily life I notice things like heart-shaped bacon!

Today I was locked into an afternoon of coming to completion–on a number of projects for other people and organizations.  I typed minutes, crafted to-do lists and time lines, I copied files to a thumb drive, I sent emails, made phone calls,  drafted an article, and prepared copies and forms for reimbursement, and updated event listings.  All of these completions were for the organizations that I volunteer for.  I spent the bulk of my day doing instead of being.  And I noticed–my fit bit only has 2539 steps on it.  I did not get outside, go for a walk or do yoga–all of those soul-filling activities that fill my cup.

Instead I am taking pleasure in the experience of coming to completion.  I spent my day checking things off the to-do list.  I am grateful for the satisfaction of having less to do tomorrow.  LOL.  I am grateful for a VERY productive day at the computer, in my home, on my lovely couch, as the humming birds whirred around the feeder by the window, and the breeze blew through the screen on the front door.   My cup was filled instead by getting it done.

Aaah–Sweet Achievement.


Individual Inquiry:  Are you able to practice saying “no” in your life?  Are you interested in doing less and being more?  Can you find satisfaction in the achievement and checking things off the list?

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