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365 Days of Wonderful – Day 222

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 222

I am grateful for vivid dreams.  I had the most amazing dream of my mother.  My mom passed away in 2001.  For the past 18 years my mother has only had cameos in my dreams.  I often wake and wish that I had more time with her, or wish that we could have had a deep conversation over tea.  Last night I had the most amazing vivid dream with my mom.

We were having a girls afternoon out.  We shared a meal and talked about my lovely fella (who she introduced me to 26 years ago–when she was alive).  We went shopping; she was trying on bathing suits.  We were laughing and talking, and carrying on–it was SO completely delicious.  She tried on this cute blue and white bikini, and had a matching hat.  She was thin, and she looked amazing.  She was planning an upcoming trip to New York with her boyfriend.  I woke up feeling so connected, and blissed out.  I am so grateful that she visited me, and stayed so long in my dream.

I climbed into the attic today to find a photo of the two of us, my mother and I.  This is one from when I was 21.  She would have been 42.  She was skinny like this in my dream.  I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, but I am not always blessed with vivid dreams. Personally, I feel like the nights that I have vivid dreams are the deepest sleep.

Six weeks ago I got a BEMER, and I’ve been using it twice a day.  The most significant thing I’ve noticed is that it has affected my sleep quality in a profound way.  I am sleeping deeper, and having regular vivid dreams.  I think that the increased micro-circulation in my brain has helped the brain detoxify, and that helped my dream state.  I love this.

I don’t need to go into this here, but if you are interested in more info about BEMER check out this link:  I am an independent distributor and if you live locally, I am giving 4 free sessions to everyone.  🙂  If you live in a different town, I can also help you find a distributor near you, or help you rent one for your home use, feel free to private message me:

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