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Today I am grateful for the ability to FLY!

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 119

Today I am grateful for the ability to FLY! I’ve been graced with an Oregon Junco family raising “Lucky” in my yard. Today I noticed that he was up at the suet feeder with his parents–he can fly!

I am honored that they chose my back yard as their sanctuary… and I completely grateful that “Lucky” has graduated to flight. I cannot help but think about the everyday stressors these parents face. The dog, the lawn mower, and the feet of clumsy humans… AYE. Once I discovered their nest, Grace has been on complete lock down, and the back yard has become a bird sanctuary.

Today the dog and mowing ban has been lifted! I retrieved the nests. The first one was in the bent over grass below the fountain, and the second was in the bluebell glen under the pear tree. It was delightful to watch the parents bringing grasses and moss into the bluebells knowing that “Lucky” was in there. Sometimes life kicks us out of circumstances that we would not let go of on our own… It may be necessary to rebuild–over and over again. [I didn’t dare disturb the second nest until I had seen that he had flown.]

The insights for me have been many in this backyard adventure. I love the birds. I am grateful to have gotten to look at myself through the lens of their nesting habitat. Firstly, take care where you place your nest. Is it safe from potential threat? There is a certain amount of letting go that happens in the wild. Life is risky. We have to take risks to face rewards. Sometimes we have to rebuild everything–and you never know when that is going to happen.

Camouflage is good–because some times it is best to blend in, stay put, strengthen your wings, and prepare for flight. Flight will come in its perfect right timing. Some things cannot be rushed. ____________________ 365 Days of Wonderful – a daily gratitude practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive. Thanks for tuning in!

I am a Transformational Life Coach, I help people in major transition and life crisis – or health crisis, gain clarity, personal empowerment, and go from stuck in a rut–to Wonderful. Find your purpose, passion, and meaning. Learn to listen to Your Heart’s Song, and calibrate your inner compass toward Joy. Coaching provides support and accountability, so that you take consistent empowered action and transform your life in a deliberate way. Together we move mountains!

If you are ready for change in a BIG Way, then private message Monika Adams. I offer a 90 minute Empower Wonderful You Clarity session (in person, or by phone or video)–it will help you gain clarity about what might be stopping you from having more of what you want.

Listen to your Heart–heed its call. Now is all there is. ______________ Individual Inquiry: Do you need a safe place to grow? Do you have a backyard sanctuary? Are you willing to let go of the first nest when life kicks you out? Are you willing to rebuild? Everything changes, sometimes when we least expect it. Keep breathing–you will take flight soon.

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