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May you reap a simple harvest.

Each day we have the a gratitude, love, and joy.  This year my garden has yielded up an amazing crop of strawberries, for which I am giving thanks.

Truth is that I planted them years back, and have done very little to manage them.  Honestly, they have quite overrun the front garden.  Instead of resisting and resenting, I am going with the flow.  I am enjoying the fruits (quite literally) of my past labors, and in the busy-ness of life that has me off living in other directions, and not tending the garden.  I do water once the berries appear… to fatten them up if you will.

So breathe deep, let go.  See if you can find an area of your life where you can notice and appreciate the simple harvest.  Be grateful for the beauty, the simplicity, and the grandeur of the little things–like strawberries.

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