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Two Words to keep us Open to Possibility

I saw this video several years ago.  I was reminded again of it’s power as I watched my niece interact with her four year old daughter. As her daughter was reading aloud and identifying dinosaurs instead of offering a quick “no”, or an “I don’t know” this loving mother kept saying “maybe.”  I was reminded by the possibility of this word, and the openness this mother was granting her daughter as she was exploring words, images, and developing her four year old knowledge base.

This video has a similar story–this CEO’s mother offered up “yeah maybe.” The author of this Ted Talk reminds us the value of being a “Yeah Maybe” person, to ourselves, and to others. Often in our adult lives we’ve learned to be more realistic, or to deny our creativity, and stifle our dreams… She has three tips that you can use to get yourself back to being a Yeah Maybe Person.  This story is sweet and delicious, which means it brought tears to my eyes.  I love a good story of support and encouragement.  Enjoy!

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