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Yearning for a BIG Change

These continue to be pressing times, rolling into to 2 years of pandemic fatigue… Collectively we are all exhausted, and easily triggered.

Just few days ago I was fantasizing about shucking it ALL and moving to Hawaii.  I just wanted to wipe the slate clean.  There is nothing like a move out of state to force one to to sell everything, let it all go, and start new. Now, I know that moving out of state isn’t the answer.  But it SURE sounded great for a few days.  I actually found a condo, booked my airfare, got a dog sitter, and reached out to an Air BnB.  I had looked for jobs too.  That way I could write off my trip, view a couple of condos, and research employment prospects…  The Universe swiftly blocked that move (the Air BnB had unexpected maintenance).    After a few days I knew I didn’t really want to move to Hawaii.  Wanting a Clean Slate was/is the Symptom…

Wanting my life to be different is the underlying issue–that no move will likely cure.  Some days I wake up feeling like it Ground Hogs Day… everything feels as if it is repeating on an endless cycle.  I know that this is what it feels like in the “In Between Space.”

The In Between Space is where  you are when you are between where you have been, and where you want to be.  I also know that this will pass.  I will not be stuck in an endless repeat… I am always learning, transforming, and growing.  So WHEN I get to the In Between Space (because I will) I know to remember to keep breathing, and leaning in.  So I booked a vacation–in order to get the experience of getting away (without shucking it ALL).

Instead of waiting for something to magically appear that will make my life different, I engage, and take actions so that I am at the Helm of My Destiny, and not adrift, nor abandoning ship with the promise of a new world. IF you want something to change, or shift–in a BIG way, you have to be willing to make an effort to actually DO something different.

It is more than just deciding to be or do something different…  IF you want to make change that lasts, you need to be super clear about WHY you want it… and create a great plan for getting it.  Then you’ll need resources, support, and accountability–to help you stay on track when you feel like shucking it ALL–because you will.  There will be times when you doubt yourself, doubt your resolve, and maybe even times when you sabotage your own efforts.  Yes, you are likely to sabotage yourself–at some point on the path.  Let’s face it–most change–particularly BIG Change doesn’t feel safe.  The world can be harsh.  People will judge you.  People you love may be worried that IF you change, that you’ll leave them behind.  Even with these obstacles, you can still create change that lasts–for good.

You know I’m talking about coaching right?  I am.  Coaching creates a safe place for you to share your dreams, your fears, your shame, and your desires.  Working with a coach helps you stay on track, uplifted, and building momentum.  There may still be trials and tribulations–but there will also be victory of dreams achieved, and challenges conquered.

In my life, when I get to the In Between Space I know I need to pull out an arsenal of strategies to keep me moving forward (not just pulling the covers over my head).  I call my coach.  I connect with my tribe.  I grab my Gratitude Journal, and I blog.  I know I need to raise my vibration right on out of the Ground Hogs Hole.  I sing and dance.  I celebrate the small wins.  And I reconnect to my relationship with me.  I have to learn to be the calm still voice of encouragement and support–to myself.  I know I also need to be gentle on myself, to be kind and loving with my thoughts, words, and actions.  I book that vacation.  I surround myself with things that nourish me.  Nourishing conversations, nourishing foods, nourishing activities–things that fill my cup.  These are just the starting places.

You can do it too.

IF you are feeling stuck, wanting a clean slate, or feeling like it’s Ground Hog’s Day… I’d love to have a Heart to Heart, schedule a call with me, the first 30 minutes are free.

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