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Let’s focus on Love.  

The energy in the world feels tenuous. I don’t know about you but I keep  hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel…

I think the light we are seeking is inside of us.  We need to be beacons of hope and kindness not only to each other–but to ourselves.  I decided to make February, the month of Love–specifically Self-Love.  We probably need to focus on this –for the entire year.  My blogs speak to Self-Care and Self-Talk as the foundational pieces that elevate us to the pivotal Self-Love.

When we start with our Relationship to ourself, and enhance that–we become better versions of ourselves.

So that is what I am tuning my into.  Self-Care, Self-Talk and Self-Love.  Think of it as the Self-Love broadcast channel that you turn your radio into (or podcast you select).

I hope you join me on this transformative journey.  IF this sounds good, I’m inviting you to join my private Facebook group: Optimal Health Optimal Life.  I’ll be doing The Art of Self-Care ~ 31 days of Replenishment.  Oh so good.  It’s time to fill our own cup!

Thanks for tuning in.  Thanks for choosing me as your coach, your mentor, your manual therapist.  I am honored to share our humanness alongside one another.


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