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Super Moon Eclipse is a Major Catalyst for Change

Out with the Old and In with The New:  Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

My alarm clock rang at 4a and I went outside to see what I could see. I caught a glimpse of the Super Blood Moon last night as I was heading to bed. It was low and big, and a golden red. I find it challenging to sleep at the full moon… as my head lay on the pillow I kept thinking about what I was ready to let go of, and what I wanted to welcome into my life.

Energetically Full Moons are a great time assess where you are, celebrate your accomplishments, and let go of what no longer serves you. A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon raises the vibrations exponentially. Fasten your seat belts, the First Lunar Eclipse of the year is particularly potent.

Some of you may feel the stirrings of the winds of change. (I DO!!)

This is a great time to clean things out, you may choose to step away from groups, or unsubscribe from organizations newsletters. Think of this as a great time to do some proverbial weeding out in your life, and calendar. Plant new seeds—and do more things that feels like they are in alignment with your goals and values.

During times of change, remember to take extra good care of yourself: prioritize sleep, eat good food, move your body, and drink more water. Many of you are likely to experience major shifts, some of you may feel the exhilaration of catching a good wave, and some will want to hold onto hats while you stay aligned with your grace and presence. Change is in the Air!

Here’s a great article from SHAPE Magazine: May 2021’s ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse Could Catapult You Into the Next Chapter of Your Life.  Photo Credits go to the Shape Magazine Article Contributor: Alex Sandoval.

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