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I’ve Always Been a Food Explorer

I can’t pin point one moment when everything changed for me.  My transformation was an unfolding of knowledge and action–along my life’s journey.

I gave up milk at the age of 17—for two social reasons really… First because, we are the only species on the planet that consumes another species milk… and, second,  I was irritated that the Dairy Farmers were marketing milk, to the masses, as a good source of calcium… and we were quite literally “buying it.”

When I was 20, I found the book “The Yeast Connection [i].”  This spelled out the impact of sugar in the gut.  It outlined how breads, and foods with sugar in them feed the BAD gut bacteria (candida), and cause an imbalance in the intestinal tract.  When I participated in the 10-day cleanse, outlined in the book, my recurrent athlete’s foot, and yeast infections would disappear for months at a time!  I became a believer, and I started doing the cleanse once or twice a year.

I started “playing” with diet changes, as a way to support and enhance my health.  I read Eat Right for Your Blood Type [ii], and implemented their plan.  Years later I read, “The Body Ecology Diet [iii],” and added in cultured foods for colon health.

In 2008, I heard that we (America) have more gluten in our bread, than most European countries–because of the way we mill our grain.  I had also heard that in some countries, they test babies for gluten sensitives at birth, and they regulate products that can add gluten.  I decided to go strictly “gluten free,” as a social stand against the machine.

I had inadvertently become a solo-biohacker. I began seeing the connection between my diet and my symptoms.  I began investigating an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, and reading everything I could get my hands on.  In 2015, I became Paleo, and choose to eat essentially grain, and legume free.

Sounds crazy right?!  Well, I’m here to tell you that You can determine what is right for Your body, and determine which foods are your friends and which are your enemy.  AND you can change your experience to symptoms in your body by simply changing the food you put on your plate.  

It may not be easy, but I promise that it will be interesting and informative–and you can start today.



[i]   The Yeast Connection, William G. Crook, MD

[ii]  Eat Right for Your Blood Type, Peter J. D’Adamo

[iii]  The Body Ecology Diet, Donna Gates

[iv] The Whole30, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

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