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Bio-Individuality – Finding What is Right for You

I have come to believe that there is no one “right” diet.  We are bio-individually unique.  That means that what is right for me, might not be right for you.  I advocate that each of us determine what is best for us, individually.  

If you are at the beginning of your Wellness journey, I recommend connecting with a naturopath or a physician to get a food sensitivity test.

IF you are self directed and want to figure out what foods are right for you–and which may be causing your symptoms, I offer the Trust Your Gut 6 week Jumpstart to identify YOUR Food Sensitivities.  This reset also helps to replenish your Microbiome and begin the process of Healing Your Gut.  This allows you to get OFF the roller coaster of unknown triggers that are literally making you SICK and TIRED. 

This is a 30 Day Whole Foods Elimination Protocol based on the Whole 30[i]–it is an excellent place to start.  You can choose plant-based, or to include lean quality meats.  

I am happy to guide you on your investigation to which foods are right for you!  



[i] The Whole30, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

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