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Let Food Be Your Medicine (UCTV Panel Discussion)

This is a You Tube video that was produced a couple of years ago (May 2018), that just came across my path.  It is presented by The Future Thought Leaders, Berry Good Food Foundation, and The University of San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition.  It starts with a quote from Thomas Edison: “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather it will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

This is a panel discussion includes an Integrative Medicine Physician, a Naturopath, and Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, and a couple of experts in the field of natural medicine and healing, along with a farmer who healed herself from the flare of Lyme Disease by growing heirloom vegetables.  I thought every moment of this was worth the watch!  Of course, I would–I am all things food, nutrition, and integrative medicine!  LOL.  I recommend it highly. I liked it so much I watched it twice!  Be sure to share with your friends and family.

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