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Corn–is OUT in January for me.

I’ve got an addiction to CORN. I’ve been gluten free since 2010… and honestly, I thought corn was my savior… I could have tortilla’s and corn chips. #hallelujah. I’ve been Paleo (mostly strictly paleo) since 2015… except I allow myself to go out for tacos–maybe once every week or two. Paleo is a way of eating that is grain and legume free (no corn, no rice, and no beans).

I also subscribe to the 80:20 rule… to aim to be mostly strictly paleo 80% of the time, and 20% of the time be… well not so strict. This allows for meat in restaurants that may not be wild caught or free range, or when someone else is cooking. It is NOT designed to be the slip factor… You know what I mean… it’s not an excuse to be 20% cheating on everything.

It’s January, and I am about to kick off a 6 week Reboot Cleanse.  I generally do a Whole30 once each year.  This is a whole foods based way of eating. You deliberately take out inflammatory foods for a full 30 days.  These include grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, and sugars.  For many this sounds too militant, for those that struggle with autoimmune conditions this “last resort” may just be a BIG life changer for the better.

In life (and in the way that I eat), I believe so heartily in looking at what’s working–and what’s oh–what’s not so much. Then of course, assessing, and recalibrating, for the better. The 6 week Reboot Cleanse is the perfect tune up.  We often come off the holidays having overindulged in _____ (insert your vice here). AND January is a perfect time for a reboot.

Honestly, I’ve done my share of strict Whole30 protocols… this is different.  This 6 Week Reboot is designed to honor You–where you are at.  You get to choose How you want to Play, and What You want to cleanse out.  Three years ago I cleansed out swearing on my Reboot (revolutionary). I had notice that swear words had crept into my vocabulary (I blame my family of origin–on my dad’s side). Swear words are a lot like ivy… they creep in, and then root deeply until it feels like you can’t get them out. It’s about bringing that thing–that you don’t want in your life, and bringing it to full consciousness, and taking deliberate action to do something different–for 30 days.

The cool part about the Reboot–is that it is designed set you up for success. Of course it will be challenging.  Who does’t like a good challenge…Besides, you get to choose WHAT you want to cleanse out…so then isn’t that situation ALL full of WINS for You?  Here’s what to expect each week.

  1. Week 1: Preparation ~ Set yourself up for success.

  2. Week 2:Its OUT ~ What are you eliminating?

  3. Week 3: CRAVE ~ The Cravings Dragons rear their heads.

  4. Week 4: Stay the Course ~ No Sabotage.

  5. Week 5: End is Near ~ Hang in there, this last week is the Pay Off.

  6. Week 6:  Is it IN or OUT? ~ Protocols for adding things in.

I’ll be curating content with you in mind, as we lay things down, walk away, assess.  our reactions, and decide IF something is worth adding back in at the end.  Statistics tell us that it takes 21-30 days to break a habit.  With a week to prepare, and a week designed to help us wrap it up, that is exactly what this is… It’s a course designed for successful habit change–yours. Did you know you can rewire your taste buds, and simply change the food you put on your plate (to quote Whole30 founder Melissa Urban–my heroine). It’s true.  I’d love to show you how.

For me–this time around, it’s OUT with Corn, and Added Sugar.  I’ve also become aware of a behavior–an ancestral pattern of Acquiescing (that I assure you has been passed down from generation to generation)–that’d I’d love to be OVER.  I’m sure there is a other shadow stuff  bumping around in there (irritations and frustrations I’ve been tending). I’ll be examining all kinds of juicy things during our 6 week journey together.

SO–What do You want to Cleanse OUT of your life?

Join me for the 6 week Reboot, January 9th. $66.  (that is just $11 each week).

Once you register, I will send a link to the POP UP Private Facebook group, the workbook, and the zoom LIVE meeting links. Can’t wait to share this with You!

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