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Great article on the Psoas!

I recently came across this article link on Facebook.  I have studied with Author, Educator, and Psoas Guru Liz Koch.  I own every book she has written, and have several of her cd’s as well.  I regularly hand out the exercises she posts in her monthly blog, and recommend her website as a great place to get connected to her amazingness. Here is what she stated on FB:

“RETURNING TO BASICS…The psoas muscle is part of our instinctive fear response. Whether or not it is falling in love or propelling through space, the dynamic psoas surrenders deep within our core. All unresolved fear is communicated through the psoas and directly affects the pelvis. When we feel our integrity is compromised, it is the constricted psoas that plays havoc on our breath and the natural positioning of the pelvis.” Psoas, Instinctive Responses & The Healthy Pelvis by Liz Koch Click the link to read the article.

IF you suffer from low back pain, hip pain, pelvic instability, knee pain, foot pain, anxiety, depression… I invite you to begin to investigate Your Bio-Intelligent Psoas.  Also check out for ALL of Liz’s Info and Resources.  Liz teaches in Seattle on occasion–IF you get the chance to go, let me know… maybe I’ll join you!

IF you want to know how to begin to address your “core” and learn to hydrate the psoas, I offer MELT Method classes and individual instruction.  I am happy to share resources.

Blessings on your journey into getting to know your “core.”

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