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Article: The Truth about Coconut Water

I find myself recommending coconut water to my clients and colleagues.

Did you know that coconut water is nature’s little miracle?  It’s WAY better than sports drinks that tout electrolyte replenishment. What I love the most is that it is natural AND there are no additives nor food coloring!

I buy coconut water by the case, and always have it on hand.  I grab one when I’ve had a poor night’s sleep, or IF I feel like I am running on empty.  I grab one when I am heading out for a paddle. I put one or two into a backpack on day hikes, or a cooler for road trips. When clients report leg cramps, or tight muscles I recommend they try enhancing their hydration with a boost of electrolytes.

I found this great article from webMD, The Truth About Coconut Water. Enjoy!

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