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Day 8: I am grateful for my work environment.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 8

Today I started my day with Jury Duty… o boy! Let’s see if I can take a slant toward the positive on this one!  OK well, I am super grateful that I was assigned to report for jury duty about a half mile from my home. I was told to report at 8:45a, which was the second session, so I am grateful that I did not have to be there at 8a!

I am grateful for the guys at the front door of the courthouse that screen people for weapons, and that they greet you with a smile and keep the line moving faster than the airport.

I am grateful for the administration team, the jury clerk and the bailiff, for their expertise, and professionalism, telling us what to expect, and for processing 91 of us, into court for the selection process. I am grateful for the opportunity to show up, and be reminded of the value of contributing. I guess I am grateful for the $10.58 check I will get, just for essentially showing up.

I am grateful for the parking pass, and for the great parking spot I got–just a short walk to the courthouse. I could have walked, but I had equipped myself with reading materials, my computer, journal, snacks, and water. AND it was raining… so I am grateful that I could drive myself!

It is interesting to think about the jobs held by the court reporter, the jury clerk, the attorneys, and the judge… they hold jobs where they are connected to making a difference, and holding the line… but I doubt they have much laughter in their work days. I am grateful that I have laughter in mine!

I am SO SO grateful for being released from my opportunity to serve on a jury. I have travel plans that conflicted with their time frame. I am grateful for my clients who understood when I had to cancel their appointments.

I probably would not have been a very good juror… I like talking to my neighbor, and cracking jokes when something strikes me as funny. My grade school report cards always noted this weakness of mine–certainly it was an irritation to the teachers, and not noted as a strength! I used to get chastised for this… today I am glad that court was not in session, and that I was not held in contempt!

Interesting to step into an environment that is such a stark contrast to my every day world. I am grateful for the structure, and system, and that we have a system that includes a jury of our peers to help decide some cases. I am blessed with work I love to do, and I am grateful that this is not my work environment!

Mostly, at the end of this day… I am grateful for my lovely bed, and my favorite pillow on which to rest my weary head.

365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive. _____________ Individual Inquiry: Is there a place in your life where it might be your first reaction to grumble and resist? Are you willing to dig in deep and identify all the things that you might be grateful for?

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