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Day 30: I am grateful for an intimacy inquiry.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 30

Today I am grateful to be alive in this lovely body of mine–thinking about intimacy. Grateful to be sharing my humanness alongside you. Grateful for the learning and growth, even the sticky icky spots that are messy, and full of feelings. And O! O Boy.. those feelings… wow… sure am glad about that messy feeling stuff. It’s like all the colors in the rainbow–and the feelings are the pot of gold.

I’ve been working through some really great stuff. I’ve been chewing on what intimacy means and what it looks like, and how to have it. I have the sense that I do or do not experience intimacy–with some people. You know what I mean, there are just some people that it seems easy to open up to. Others, well, it’s like rock, paper, scissors–when you always loose… not such a great feeling. It’s funny isn’t it… I think it is a relationship chemistry thing. Hard to explain, but easy to feel and sense into.

A colleague and I were discussing intimacy a few weeks back, so I’ve been chewing on this topic for a while. Now I’m thinking that sometimes it is easier for me to over intellectualize it, and sometimes, maybe I’m not so good at it. Darn it. I’d like to think that I was great at it… But I see now that I have not had the best role models for intimacy. No one really showed me how to sit, and look another person in the eye and say, ” It really hurt my feelings when…” I never watched anyone negotiate through those hard conversations. Too bad really, could have saved years of counseling! LOL Now I see that I have some work to do. O goodie. Right?! Yes, actually. I am alive, and growing, and so so grateful that I get to lean into this dynamic tension–and muck around here for a bit.

I get to feel into this place of discomfort, and peer into the shadow spots, and look under the rocks for the places and ways that I might need to improve. Ask my friends what they think they keys to intimacy might be. I know Brene Brown would say it is all about vulnerability… and there is some aspect of Shame and Compassion–o joy. Ain’t it great to be alive?! 😀 I think so. I am grateful for this intimacy inquiry.


365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

I invite you to dig into the Individual Inquiry, feel free to comment below, or investigate in your personal journal. Share, or tag a friend that you think may resonate with this message.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach. I advocate finding Joy, connecting to Purpose, Passion and Meaning, so that you Love the Life You Have, and Create a Life You LOVE. Feel inspired? Want to know more? I’d love to connect–feel free to message me, or visit my website.

Blessings. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What is intimacy for you? Can we strengthen our bonds of intimacy? Are there ways that you can learn to become more intimate? Or are there some relationships where you’d like to choose to be more trusting and intimate? What is your intimacy equation?

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