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Day 20: I am grateful for Puffs with lotion!

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 20

Today I am grateful for Puffs with lotion! I came from my conference with a killer cold. Darn it. All that airline travel, not in my own rhythm, nor bed, nor routines Shaking hands, and sharing space with hundreds of strangers… I really would not have changed a minute of it.

But I’ve been down for the couch all day today. Horizontal more than upright. The crud has taken up residence and I’ve served an eviction notice! So I ventured out to the grocery for more Puffs, seriously, those are the greatest thing ever invented!

I am grateful for the arms of my loving couch that has cradled me though out the day. I am grateful for my handmade quilt that comforts me. I am grateful for my dog’s willingness to snuggle–and not judge me for my jammy day. I am grateful for the food in the fridge, and the hot gypsy cold care tea.

I am grateful that a friend just called to tell me to go look at the moon and I saw a partial eclipse! I am grateful to be surrounded by the beauty and majesty of nature, and that I appreciate it from the confines of my couch day.

I am grateful for cough drops, and heating pads, and pain relievers. I am grateful for lip balm and running water from the tap. I am grateful for the modern invention of the flush toilet… because baby it is COLD outside!

So even on my down day, not in my finest of states, I can still summon up gratitude, and lots of be appreciative of. I feel deeply blessed by this life, even if alien mucus has taken over my bronchial passageways. I am grateful to know that with oil of oregano, Manuka honey, On Guard cough drops, On Guard on my feet and Citrus Bliss on my pulse points–I will emerge victorious!


365 Days of Wonderful – A Gratitude Practice for shifting the way that we think, and re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

I invite you to dig into the Individual Inquiry, feel free to comment below, or investigate in your personal journal. Share, or tag a friend that you think may resonate with this message.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach. I advocate finding Joy, connecting to Purpose, Passion and Meaning, so that you Love the Life You Have, and Create a Life You LOVE. Feel inspired? Want to know more? I’d love to connect–feel free to message me, or visit my website.

Blessings. ______________ Individual Inquiry: What do you do for self care? What are your go to remedies when you are down for the couch? Did you get to see the eclipse from where you are? What does that inspire for you?

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