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Chard, Kale, and Dandelions – Oh My!

I encourage you to give yourself permission to adventure into greens.  Try something new from the Farmer’s Market or grocery store, or go WILD and pick them from your back yard!

When I first started incorporating greens I played it a little safe.  I started with Chard.  It is mild, and much like spinach in its texture and how it cooks down.  I was convinced that Chard was my thing.  Let’s just say, if I ran out, I’d be dashing to the grocery store late at night.  After a year on Chard (I’m a slow changer…) I found that Kale was quite a bit more durable.  Yes, durable. I was camping and the Chard got really beat up, in and out of the cooler, and all.  The Kale had no rot due to bruising, if you will.

So now I advocate Kale.  Oh, and there are ALL kinds of kale, smooth leaf, curly, and purple curly leaf!!  Aside from being resilient in the cooler, Kale is heartier, more dense in texture, maybe a bit more bitter, but it is slight.  It also takes a bit longer to wilt in a fry pan (compared to Spinach and Chard–I capitalize them as if I am addressing them by name! LOL!).

Then one day, I realized I had neither… I don’t know how that happened. So I bravely thought, ” I will try dandelions, I have plenty of big suckers in the yard!”  Dandelions are more delicate, so soft, like spinach and Chard, and a bit bitter.  But a complete delight to pick, and heat, and serve!

I aim to include greens in every meal, fresh, raw, wilted, or steamed.  I recommend that you adventure into greens for yourself.  Add Cilantro, or Basil, or Arugula, or leafs of mint into your salads and salsas.  I definitely recommend a traipse into the yard for a harvest of WILD Edibles.  Bon Appetit!

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