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Recalibrating With(out) Grace

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

I am struck by the challenge of transitions and change. My sweet dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. I've been leaning into my grief and allowing emotions to well up and subside--watching them like the rise and fall of the tides.

My whole world has shifted on its axis. There are holes in every room. Everything feels like it is in slow motion--as if I've been trying to walk carefully through wet cement. My feet feel heavy, each step is mindful, and I am unbalanced slogging through the mire.

I notice that everything takes more time. My reactions are slowed. I am using more care when driving, allowing more time to do simple tasks. I am mindful and deliberate with the little things--even crossing the street. I know I am grieving. This is the deal... there is no bypassing this part of the journey.

I am shedding my old snake skin... I don't feel good. I need to rest and nourish my soul. This change is big stuff.

Wading through deep grief is a time of recalibration. I am going from We to I.

Grace blessed my life--every day for eleven and a half years. She was an Office Greeter, Roomba, Travel Partner, and Paddle Board Dog Extraordinaire. She was always at the ready to join my every adventure. She was The Best Dog I could have ever been matched with. I am so completely grateful to have had the opportunity to love this sweet soul.

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Nov 16, 2023

She was the best Office Greeter! I will miss seeing you two, out and about.


Nov 14, 2023

Monica, my heart goes out to you. I have lost a few dogs over the years and they are family and of course grief is normal. What comforts me is my relationship with God, as He promised He will always be there for me and I have seen this thru milestones in my life. I want to share something from a book that is one story between a student and teacher. Just remember- you are never alone ! Ron Rider

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