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Better Circulation for Healthy Aging

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Psst--It's ALL About Healthy Blood Flow. Everything. Our blood delivers oxygen to our cells. Our blood assists chemical signaling for hormones and blood sugar balance, and it even signals the kidneys when we need to adjust our fluids. Our blood also pulls out CO2 to be processed out by our lungs, and transfers excess toxins to be filtered by our Liver.

What if I told you that our blood slows, it gets sticky and more coagulated. Our blood thickens with stress, and normal aging. Poor blood flow is like experiencing a traffic jam on highways, off rams, and side streets--at the same time that we are experiencing a garbage strike and things are piling up--everywhere! I bet you can imagine the havoc that might wreak inside your body.

More importantly--can you imagine how much better you might feel--IF you had GREAT blood flow?


I was introduced to BEMER in 2018. At the time, I had all the life accumulations of a "normal" 50 year old... I had a neck thing, and a shoulder thing, and a hip thing--all which were chronically aggravated. I had been "living with" my discomfort on a daily basis--for decades. Check out my story here.

I've been using BEMER in my practice since 2019. I use it every day with clients. It has had such a positive impact that I am all in with BEMER. Personally, I use it like most people use an icepack. I take it on vacation, and honestly, I wouldn't want to be without it. What did I admit above? I think of it as my fountain of youth! (It's true. I do.)

When cells are supported by healthy blood flow--everything works better.” - Monika Adams

I am SO Excited to share info and resources to help you feel better. I love hosting events where people can experience BEMER, and learn about blood flow and health aging.

As the holiday season cues up, I've got lots of opportunities for you to connect and learn more:

  • Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Berka

Weds Nov 14th 5:45-7p

Location: Online Zoom with Monika (Register for a Link)

  • BEMER in the Community ~ Free Demos

Sat Nov 18th 9-2p

Fitness Fest

Haselwood Family YMCA ~ Open to the Public

3909 NW Randall Way, Silverdale, WA 98383

  • BEMER & Healthy Aging

Weds Nov 29th 5:45-7p

Location; TBD

  • Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Berka

Weds Dec 6th 5:45-7p

Location: TBD (RSVP for details)

Be sure to check out my events page for all the details.

Come by. Say Hello. Experience BEMER. Bring your Friends and Family. Learn. Laugh,

Better Circulation. Better Health. Better Life.

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