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Polishing Up My Speaking Skills

I've always been a facilitator--even as far back as kindergarten... if the teacher gave us instructions and had us form small groups I was always repeating the instructions and taking the lead with the group. In high school I was a cheerleader leading pep rallies, and making posters. I went to art school, and then on to get a Masters in Adult Education--because I wanted to understand the psychology of education, learning styles, and how to better communicate with people.

I love teaching workshops and classes. I enjoy facilitating meetings, and being a presenter. A few years ago I joined Toastmasters--to hone my speaking skills. It was a great experience, and I recommend it highly. As a coach, I believe that self awareness and self reflection are essential to growth. IF we want to make strides in our personal and professional lives it is essential to employ strategies to bettering oneself, and achieving one's desires.

Recently I stepped forward toward another opportunity to hone my speaking and presenting skills. I am working with a mentor, presenting a slide deck, writing speaking points, rehearsing my transitions--all while being evaluated, and critiqued. It's good to make the commitment, take the time, and stretch the old comfort zone. (Yes--I too battle my own limiting beliefs, what-ifs, and buts.) I'm grateful for the opportunity to develop and grow.

Want to see me in action? My colleagues Monica and Linda, and I have been polishing our skills, and hosting BEMER education nights each month. We are talking about Healthy Aging, Sports Performance and Recovery, and sharing The Benefits of Better Blood Flow.

IF you are looking for ways to support me--I'd love it IF you could come be in the audience. It always feels better to have friends and colleagues smiling at you. Check out our upcoming gatherings. We are at health fairs, hosting Wellness Wednesdays at people's homes, and Healthy Aging presentations in the business community.

Consider this your personal invitation to attend a BEMER presentation.

OR maybe you'd be willing to host a gathering at your home, or business location?

We'd love to! Please reach out.

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