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Reach your health goals with a Wellness Coach

The other day a friend of mine mentioned that Dr. Phil recommends Health Coaches and life Coaches all the time.  Why is that?  Because coaching works.  So as the buzz in the mainstream is to get support from a coach…   I am excited to report I am a certified Health Coach.  Sparking the revolution in health care, on the cutting edge.  Yep, I am a Wellness & Empowerment Coach.  Woot!  Woot!  [Boy Howdy, how I love certifications.]

I believe we can affect our health, through the foods we choose to eat, and the way in which we eat (not hurried or stressed). When I make decisions about the food I will put on my plate I live by the “Good Food Standards” of the Whole30 & It Starts With Food.   Authors Dallas and Meliss Hartwig suggest that when we choose the food that we put on our plates that it meet these Good Food Standards:

1) That the food promotes a “healthy psychological response.”

2) That the food promotes a “healthy hormonal response.”

3) That the food supports a healthy gut.

4) That the food supports healthy immune function.

Who wouldn’t want that really?! LOL If you were to ask me what the one key is to maintaining my figure? I’d reply, eat mindfully, avoid “franken foods, and slow WAY down both during meals and while you are digesting. Try not to eat and then race into and through your shower, and race off to work.  Stress slows digestion.  Slowing down fires up digestion.  I’d rather be a fat burning machine!

Coaching can help you reach your wellness goals; whether you want to do a 30 day reset cleanse; enhance your sleep quality; balance your blood sugar; kick your sugar dragon; improve your skin quality; loose weight; start a movement routine you love; or learn to love the skin you’re in, coaching might be the thing that makes it all stick.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer vegan or Paleo, want to try Keto, or want to clear up IBS symptoms. I have protocols that will help you achieve your goals.

Personally, I advocate an elimination reset, so that you can determine your for food sensitivities, and learn to identify your unique symptoms or reactions. Once you start eliminating foods that your body doesn’t like you begin to heal your colon, which reduces pain and inflammation throughout the body.

So if you suffer from arthritis, autoimmune dysfunction, chronic pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, brain fog, digestive distress, fibromyalgia, and you’ve been thinking about tying a cleanse or an elimination diet, and you think this is the time… I’m here to tell you, it is.

Why waste another day feeling crappy? In 30 days, you will have reset your metabolism, created a healthy microbiome in your gut, and will probably be feeling pretty fantastic. You’ll be re-introducing foods into your diet and identifying the culprits that cause your body distress.  AND  most everyone reports looking and feeling better in their skinny jeans too!

Want to know if Wellness Coaching is for you?  Try a free 60 minute call to see what the Coaching Buzz is about.  As a coach I provide the right system, the right support, and the right accountability to help you Love the Life You Have, and Create a Life You LOVE.     I’d love to hear more about your dreams.  Schedule a Empower Wonderful You Clarity Call today:


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