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Learning to Receive with a Grateful Heart

I’m inspired to share stories that inspire me. A friend and I were on the phone a few weeks back–I think it was on the United Way’s Giving Tuesday.  She was looking to give money to charities, and had shared some places she was inspired to make donations.  I was inspired by her thoughtfulness and forethought.  She wanted to deliberately give.

A few weeks later this same friend and I were on the phone and my washing machine started to go into spin cycle… trust me to say that it is quite a racket. She asked about the noise in the background, and I said it’s my washer.  A couple mornings ago it started leaking.  I’d been meaning to call for a service appointment. She asked how long I’ve had the washer.  I told her my story.  I’m a massage therapist, I do 3-4 loads of laundry each day.  This washer has worked every day for eleven years, it only get a vacation IF I get a vacation.  My friend was quiet and then she said, “I have been asking God to show me where I can contribute, gave and make a difference.  I’d like to give you one thousand dollars toward a washer and dryer.

When you receive a gift like that, there is a certain art to it.  It can feel so big and overwhelming.  Breathe in and receive graciously.  Random Acts of Kindness are the thread of God’s presence in our life–for the giver and the receiver.

Much Gratitude.

I know that receiving in this way will perpetuate though me a gesture of giving.  This grand ripple effect of Random Acts of Kindness.

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