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Free BEMER Sessions ~ Feb/Mar ’22


BEMER Therapy is Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).  BEMER is a class 2 FDA Registered Medical Device that enhances circulation.  When we have better blood flow, our cells get more oxygen and nutrients, and more cellular waste is removed.  When cells are supported, our organs, systems, and our body function better.  Our blood slows down as we age, and when we are under stress. The blood cells get sticky and coagulated. BEMER’s unique wave form stimulates smooth muscle contraction–vasomotion.  Vasomotion helps propel blood through the micro vessels, the capillaries.

Click here for a great: 2 min blood flow video it shows what happens before, during, and after a BEMER session:

Wasn’t that amazing?!  I love what the Dr. says about enhanced blood flow and our mobile immune response!  Everyone can imagine how better blood flow might help them.  I heard it said that better blood flow can help 100% of people!  LOL.  I love sharing BEMER with my friends, family, clients, and in my community.

I’m offering Free BEMER Therapy Sessions in the community.

Here are my upcoming dates/locations:

  1. Sunday, Feb 13th 1-3p @ Port Orchard Public Market

  2. Saturday, Feb 19th 12-2p @ Sol Nutrition – Port Orchard

  3. Saturday, Feb 26th 12-2p @ Sol Nutrition – Port Orchard


  1. Saturday, Mar 5th 12-2p  (Location To Be Announced)

  2. Saturday Mar 12th 12-2p (Location To Be Announced)

  3. Saturday Mar 26th 12-2p (Location To Be Announced)

My goal is to share BEMER Therapy for Humans and Horses,  at least twice a month in the community.  I’d love to hear from you IF you’re willing to host a gathering.

I LOVE your support!  Join me, come by, bring family and friends get a free  BEMER session at one of these events!  Let me know if you need any additional accommodations for your health or mobility.  IF you need ADA reach out and I’ll let you know what to expect, and the best place to park and how to navigate the entry.

Hope you can make it!  Come say hello.

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