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Free BEMER Sessions ~ November

I am excited to announce that I’m offering Free BEMER Therapy Sessions in the community.

Here are my upcoming dates:

  1. Saturday, Nov 6th 11-1p @ Port Orchard Public Market

  2. Sunday, Nov 21st 2-6p @ Sol Nutrition – Port Orchard

I am looking for businesses and individuals that wold be willing to host me at your location.  My goal is to share BEMER Therapy for Humans and Horses,  at least twice a month in the community.  I’d love to hear from you IF you’re willing to host a gathering.

I would love your support!  Please join me, and feel free to bring family and friends to try BEMER at one of these events! I’d love to know IF you plan to attend.  Let me know if you need any additional accommodations for your health or mobility.

Hope you can make it!

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