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Announcing: Whole30 Reset Challenge

I am super excited to announce that I’ll be hosting a “Whole30 Reset Challenge”, February 28 – March 28. Prep Week is kicking off on Sunday Feb 21. It will be hosted on Facebook, in my Private Facebook Group: Optimal Health Blueprint. Feel free to invite friends and family to join us! I’ll be going live every day, to share my journey, answer your questions, and keep us inspired–even when it gets challenging!

This is a 30 day Elimination Diet to reset your metabolism and identify foods that might be triggering your symptoms. I welcome anyone that might be interested–even those who may not be sure IF they want to participate! You can watch, lurk, listen, and take in all the incredible information. Here is a link for the group:

I welcome ALL, from those of you wh are uncertain, to cleanse divas that have done the Whole30–multiple times!

Recently, I made some changes to my diet and realized that my digestion was being affected–and not in a good way!! Aye. This Made me decide to do 30 day reset, and my health coach encouraged me to share the experience with you! Hope you can join us!

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