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 I am passionate about Empowering Women...
~ Body  Mind  &  Soul ~

Many women have spent their lives caring for others.
Many have experienced trauma--physical and emotional.  
We have all had heart ache, loss, illness, 
We have been silenced, marginalized, and sexualized.  
Often we get to a cross roads in our lives--where we wake up... 
Once we are awake--we are unwilling to ever fall asleep again...


Monika Adams, M.Ed.

Empowerment Coach

MELT Method Instructor

Licensed Massage Therapist

(# MA 60058291)

Maybe you are:

  • Trying to change negative patterns of behavior / reactions

  • You Want to learn to rewire your destructive thoughts

  • Learn to quell your harsh inner critic

  • Maybe you don't even know what you want, or how you feel

  • Maybe you've experienced a life or health crisis that has you rethinking everything.

Empowerment Coaching can be a great next step to help you

  • Rewire Your Thinking

  • Find Your Voice

  • Re-Connect to Your BIG Why

  • Speak Your Truth

  • Own Your Power

  • Be Authentically and Unapologetically You

  • Transform Your Life ~ For Good


Let's have a Heart to Heart.

I'd love to learn more about you, and your story. I'm happy to share resources and help you determine your next best steps to get you unstuck and empowered.

Schedule a free 30 minute 

Heart to Heart Discovery Call.  


Ways to Work with Me


  • 1:1 Empowerment Coaching

  • Monthly Women's Circles

  • Online Program & Playshops




  • CranioSacral & Massage Therapy

  • MELT Method Classes

  • BEMER Therapy

  • Distance Healing From the Core


Check out Upcoming Events

I look forward to

being in community with you. 

I'm Glad You're Here. 

Upcoming Events


Why I do what I do.

I lost my mother to colon cancer in 2001--just before my 36th birthday.  My mother was only 57 years old.  This is WAY to young--for me to loose my mom, and WAY to young for her to have transitioned off the planet.  


When I was 42, I lost one of my best friends to Sarcoma, another cancer. This beautiful friend of mine was one of the "healthiest" people I knew.  She worked out, and hadn't eaten one deep fried item since we were 18 years old.  Losing these two influential people in my life set my life's work into motion. 

  • I wanted to help people feel better.  

  • I wanted to understand why some people get cancer and some don't.  

  • Most of all--I want to do everything in my power to live longer than my mother... much much longer.  

This incredible journey has led me to heal my own body, become a licensed manual therapist, and MELT Method Instructor, study coaching, functional nutrition, and now all things blood!  I am like an Alchemist searching for the elixir of life ~ our best path to Optimal Health.

Today I combine all of my experience, my knowledge of the body, my passion for nutrition, and my soul-full orientation to life to help people feel better, and transform their lives--for good.

I help people Transform Their Life ~ Body Mind & Soul.


This isn't just coaching... 

Monika has an amazing ability to listen to what I am saying and reflect it back to me in a profound way.

  She helps me to get out of my crazy-making stress brain, and reconnect the pathway between my head and my heart. 


Coaching Client

What Clients Are Saying...


Monika has helped me learn to become more aware of the food I eat. When I eat clean, I feel better in my body, I have better sleep quality, my skin looks great, and I have WAY more energy! 



Trust Your Gut Jumpstart

Ivy H.jpg

I used to be a glass half-empty person. Now I see that the glass is re-fillable! The biggest change I have noticed is that my self-talk is MUCH nicer.  When my self-talk is better, everything is better, and I am a better mom, and better communicator in all of my relationships. 

This has been great.



90-Day Intensive

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