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Transform Your Life ~ For Good.


Illness and dis-ease can be rooted in inflammation, diet, or emotional, and spiritual depletion. Studies show that individuals with a connection to Purpose, Passion, and Meaning have less incidences of Alzheimers, Diabetes, and Cardio-Vascular Disease.  

People with a strong sense of purpose have better stress resiliency. When faced with life-altering events instead of experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder these individuals are able to reframe their stress response and exhibit Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome. (Doesn't that sound better?!) You choose.




There are multiple ways to work with me listed above. Be sure to check out Transform U for my current programs and workshops.

Zero in on what supports your best path.  I assure you that whatever you choose will be completely transformative.  

1:1 Coaching is completely individualized to you.  I include specific resources to help You meet Your goals.  Together we address limiting beliefs, and kick outdated habits to the curb. Learn to Set Intentional WayPoints on Your Inner Compass and Make Your Life Come True.

If you want more clarity on Your best next step to Transform Your Life schedule a Heart to Heart. I'd love to connect

Create a Life you LOVE

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Many of us have spent a life time putting others first and we aren't even sure What We Want--let alone our Sense of Purpose, or what Our Heart's Desire might be...

Nine Years ago I started to choosing Soul-Filling People Places and Things, and it Transformed My Life ~ For Good. I am super excited to share these experiences inside of my programs.   

  • Develop Your Personal Constitution 
  • Create a List of Values to Govern Your Life  
  • Find Your BIG Why
  • Choose to Live Soul-Fully
  • Heal Your Body

When we live aligned with Purpose, connected to Soul, and Deeply Embodied--We Transform EVERYTHING.

Why I do What I Do (My BIG Why)

I love Empowering people and making a difference, so that the World is a Better Place.  

I do this by helping people Heal Their Bodies, Find Their Voice, Own Their Power, Connect to their Sense of Purpose, and Live Mission-Centered Soul-Full Lives. These Beautiful People often run Mission-Centered Soul-Full Businesses that make Soul-Full Aligned Impact. This is Our Positive Ripple Effect--Together we can Change The World. 

ALL it takes is conscious, consistent, deliberate action.

Choose to Live On Purpose. Choose to be Soul-Full. Choose to Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Spirit.  We've only got one life.


My Turning Point


In 2001, I lost my mother to colon cancer.  This was just before my 36th birthday.  My mother was only 57 years old.  This is WAY to young--for me to loose my mom, and for her to no longer be on the planet.  

When I was 42, I lost one of my best friends to Sarcoma, another cancer.  This beautiful friend of mine was one of the "healthiest" people I knew.  She worked out, and hadn't eaten one deep fried item since we were 18 years old.  

Losing these two influential people in my life set my life's work into motion.

  • I wanted to help people feel better.  
  • I wanted to understand why some people get cancer and some don't.  

Most of all--I wanted to do everything in my power to live longer than my mother... much much longer.  I decided to combine my knowledge of the body, my passion for nutrition, and my Soul-Full orientation to life to help people feel better~inside and out.  

As a Mastery Certified Transformational Life Coach, I am most passionate about helping People Change Their Life ~ For Good.

HMBA Mastery Seal
BLC Seal
BHC Seal

I help People Feel Better.

I help people:

  • Tune into Their Body's Wisdom
  • Make Better Health Choices
  • Feel Better In Their Body
  • Revitalize Their Spirit
  • Quash Limiting Beliefs
  • Live On Purpose  
  • Make Soul-Full Choices

Chart Your Course.

Transform Your Life ~ For Good!


“I used to be a glass half-empty person. Now I see that the glass is re-fillable! The biggest change I have noticed is that my self-talk is MUCH nicer.  When my self-talk is better, everything is better, and I am a better mom, and better communicator in all of my relationships.  This has been great."  -Ivy (90-Day Intensive)

“Monika has helped me learn to become more aware of the food I eat. When I eat clean, I feel better in my body, I have better sleep quality, my skin looks great, and I have WAY more energy!”  -Kimberly (Trust Your Gut Jumpstart)

This isn't just coaching...  Monika has an amazing ability to listen to what I am saying and reflect it back to me in a profound way.  She helps me to get out of my crazy-making stress brain, and reconnect the pathway between my head and my heart.  -Peggy (Coaching Client)

"What I love most about coaching is that it challenged my thinking about past life experiences. Monika was instrumental in helping me adjust my perspective.  I learned how to embrace who I am and see myself in a positive light. 

Monika is intuitive, kind, compassionate, encouraging, and thought-provoking. She was instrumental in coaching my transformation from “I can’t” to “I did it!”  -Laura (90 Day Intensive)

The Secret Sauce

  1. Live on Purpose
  2. Eat Nutritious Foods--for You
  3. Hydrate--body systems use 10 cups every day  
  4. Get A Better Night's Sleep
  5. Be Physically Active
  6. Be Mindful--Slow Down
  7. Practice Gratitude
  8. Choose Well


Start by Simply Choosing Coaching.

Science tells us that it takes 30 days to change a habit, and 60 days to instill a new one. Habit Research suggests that for deep lasting change--you need an additional 275 days to rewire your limiting beliefs, and kick old patterns to the curb.

Coaching is Different for Everyone.  

  • Some of you can begin to make healthier food and lifestyle choices and see shifts in your health outcomes--for the better in under 30 days.  
  • Some of you will feel better when you reconnect to your sense of purpose and start navigating by Your Inner Compass and take steps to Make Your Life Come True.  
  • Some of You will be ready to live Soul-Centered and in Alignment with Your Core Values.

IF you ready to make a change--I'll ask you to commit to yourself, and to take consistent empowered action steps over time.

You can begin with a a 6-week Optimal Health Jumpstart, or a 90-Day Total Transformation.  I also have a VIP Program for Very Intentional People.  VIP's commit to a 1 year program and Transform Their Lives~For Good. 


All it takes is one small step forward--book a Heart to Heart with me today.


"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." - Goethe

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 Transform Your Life ~ For Good.

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