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Monika Adams, M.Ed., LMT 

Mastery Certified Health Coach

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Blogger

Licensed Manual Therapist 

#MA 60058291

Get Your Health Back ~ Transform Your Life!

Coaching for Optimal Health 

CranioSacral Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

Distance Healing Sessions

I work with people who feel like they have lost their health.

I help them get their health back and transform their life.

[Yes.  FOR GOOD.]


Let Food Be Thy Medicine.

My mother died of colon cancer when she was 57. Honestly, I'd like to live WAY longer than that!  So I decided to to enhance my diet, and make small lifestyle changes--for the better!  

Now, 20 years after my mother's passing, I have identified my food sensitivities, and I eat consciously to decrease inflammation.  I am 55, fit, my digestive health is better than ever, and I look and feel great!  


My Core Beliefs:  

1) Each of us is bio-individually unique.

2) Eating Real Whole Food can be the keystone to reducing pain and inflammation.

3) Making Simple Healthy Lifestyle Choices can have big downstream positive effects on your overall health.  

4) You can Get Your Health Back and Transform Your life. 

Changing a lifetime of habits is hard on your own--if it were easy, you'd already done it and have the health that you want!


As a Mastery Certified Health Coach, I take a Functional Nutrition Approach.  Together we:

  • Review your health/life history
  • Identify triggers, antecedents and health symptoms.  
  • We stop chasing symptoms
  • Slow it Down and Step back for a bigger picture overview.  
  • We implement and track small changes, to see where we can make the biggest impact toward your health.  
  • Ultimately, to help you move toward root cause resolution.

Develop Your Optimal Health Blueprint.


My clients make change that lasts--FOR GOOD!

Let's Connect!



What is Your Biggest Health Challenge?


Often we get to a crossroads, a health crisis--of our own, or someone we love... and it gets us thinking about the state of our health.  Maybe the worldwide pandemic has you wishing your health was better.  

What are Your Health Challenges:

  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Stubborn Weight 
  • Poor Sleep Quality
  • Compromised Immune Function
  • Auto Immune Disorder(s)
  • Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired

Statistics tell us that 98% of dieters fail.  It is said that most people make the same new year's resolution 10 years in a row.  Why is that?  Because the 98% are simply NOT doing what the 2% are.  Having a coach can help you be the 2% that succeed!  

So let me ask you: 

How will your life be different

when You Have Optimal Health?

What is Your best next step?

HEALTH COACHING IS FOR YOU IF:  (You have one or more.)
  • You have health issues, diagnosis or condition
  • You want a better health outcome
  • Auto-Immune Disorder
  • Digestive Issues
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Stubborn Weight
  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • You want to make healthy lifestyle changes--that last
  • You want Optimal Health!



Schedule a FREE Optimal Health Discovery Session.  In this 30 min session you can share:

  • Your health concerns  and issues
  • What you've tried so far
  • What Optimal Health looks like for You  

I'll share insights and resources, and you'll come away knowing what your next best step is on developing Your Optimal Health Blueprint. 

The Secret Sauce to Optimal Health

  1. Listen to Your Body
  2. Quash Silent Inflammation
  3. Eat Nutritious Foods--for You
  4. Hydrate - body systems use 10 cups a day  
  5. Get A Better Night's Sleep
  6. Be Physically Active
  7. Be Mindful - Slow Down
  8. Practice Gratitude
  9. Choose Joy.

Science tells us that it takes 30 days to change a habit, and 60 days to instill a new one. Habit Research suggests that for deep lasting change--you need an additional 275 days to rewire your limiting beliefs and kick old patterns to the curb.

I'll tell you that you can begin to make healthier food choices and see shifts in how you feel--for the better in under two weeks.  

IF you really want to break patterns and have lasting change I'm going to ask you to commit to taking empowered action steps consistently for 1 full year.  Don't let this overwhelm you.  You can begin with a 90 day program, or a 6-week Optimal Health Jumpstart.  All it takes is one small step forward--today.


"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." - Goethe

Live Well. Feel Well ~ Resources


Simply begin to make better choices

When we make better wellness choices, we feel better.  AND when we feel better--we make better wellness choices!  All you have to do is to simply begin to make healthier choices--today.

Here are some of the BEST Tips, Tidbits, and Tools to support your Optimal Health:


  • Live Well Blogs -featuring Functional Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle topics. This is where I share articles, research, relevant health information, and you can search by category!  You'll find My Wellness Journey, and stories of Random Acts of Kindness--to warm your heart as well.


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I'm on Instagram, Facebook, IG TV, YouTube, and Linked in (Monika Adams or CoachMonikaAdams).  Be sure to chime into the posts and community with questions--I'd love to hear from you!

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Relevant ~ Educational ~ Inspiring ~ Positive 

I respect your privacy.  I never share or sell your information.    


“I used to be a glass half-empty person. Now I see that the glass is re-fillable! The biggest change I have noticed is that my self-talk is MUCH nicer.  When my self-talk is better, everything is better, and I am a better mom, and better communicator in all of my relationships.  This has been great."  -Ivy (90-Day Intensive)

“Monika has helped me learn to become more aware of the food I eat. When I eat clean, I feel better in my body, I have better sleep quality, my skin looks great, and I have WAY more energy!”  -Kimberly (Trust Your Gut Jumpstart)

This isn't just coaching...  Monika has an amazing ability to listen to what I am saying and reflect it back to me in a profound way.  She helps me to get out of my crazy-making stress brain, and reconnect the pathway between my head and my heart.  -Peggy (Coaching Client)

"What I love most about coaching is that it challenged my thinking about past life experiences. Monika was instrumental in helping me adjust my perspective.  I learned how to embrace who I am and see myself in a positive light. 

Monika is intuitive, kind, compassionate, encouraging, and thought-provoking. She was instrumental in coaching my transformation from “I can’t” to “I did it!”  -Laura (90 Day Intensive)

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