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Therapeutic Massage

Signature Wellness Massage

Accented by Hot Stones, Heated Bamboo & Hot Steamy Towels ~ aaah!

The heat penetrates for deeper work.  The depth and pressure are determined by your level of health, and what your tissue needs.  After our session you should feel deeply restored, and rejuvenated.  


Monika also offers:  

  • Massage for People with Cancer

  • Mother Goddess Pregnancy Massage

  • End of Life Care / Release & Clearing Rituals & Celebrations


After loosing my mother and one of my best friends to cancer, I dug into  learning the essentials for working with people with cancer, and offering comfort-oriented compassionate touch.  I have worked with all stages, and different types of cancers, people in treatment, end of life, and remission.  When working with people with cancer, the key is to place no additional demands on the body.  

I have had the honor of studying with Gail MacDonald, author of Medicine Hands, and Massage for People with Cancer.  I have taken these courses:

  • Massage for People with Cancer

  • Intensive at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU)

    • Hematology / Oncology & Radiation Clinics

  • End of Life Ritual and Celebrations (with Meg)

  • Dying with Dignity, Healing Form the Core, Nov 2020,