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You can Drink Your Vitamins!

I have been a vitamin taker my entire life.  My parents were vitamin takers.  I probably had Flintstone’s Chewable vitamins when I was kid. When I was 18, I remember negotiating with my roommate for the entire bottom drawer in the fridge–so that I would have place to store all my coveted bottles.

Last October I was introduced to Daily Complete, liquid vitamins and minerals, and now I absolutely love drinking my vitamins!  Pure Trim put out a couple of super informative videos about what happens to the compressed vitamin tables, that I had grown so committed to… they end up in wastewater treatment plants, where they get excavated out, and placed into landfills–because they are not breaking down!!!

=o SAY WHAT?!!

This means that we’ve been pooping out our vitamins.  And I don’t have to tell you that IF they are making their way into the sewer pipes, that means we are not absorbing them!  Frightening… who knew.

So I made the switch to liquid vitamins last October.  I feel so good about this product.  Super High Quality, Food Based Nutrients.  GF, Vegan, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free.  After a couple of short months on the vitamins, I decided I needed to be an Independent Promoter for PureTrim.

In addition to the vitamins I love their Experience for Colon Health, the Synergy Defense for Immune Boosting probiotics, probiotics, and enzymes.  I use the Pure Gardens seem for Vibrant Youthful Skin.  AND I’m down 10lbs using their Mediterranean Wellness Shakes, and Boost Tea for Weight Management.

I am so excited about every one of their products.  IF you want Vibrant Health, inside and out–PureTrim is on my highly recommended list!  These are some of the best products on the market today.  There are no sign up fees.  I offer free shipping for orders of $149+, or $99+ in a monthly auto ship.  Check them out, visit my PureTrim Store:  Have more questions? I am happy to help you find the products right for your situation:  Joint Pain, Weight Loss, Immune Boosting, or Vibrant Skin.  Feel free to call or text:  360-536-8092

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