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Wonderful Read: Super Genes

If you’ve not heard about Epigenetics and the power to switch on or off our gene expression by changing our internal environment–this is a great place to start your studies.

The study of Epigenetics says that we have the ability to switch our gene expression on and off–we are not solely doomed to live out our DNA. In the past it was thought that we got our DNA from our parents and that was that.  Today’s science has come to show us that we can change our body’s internal environment.  We may have a genetic predispostion, but not necessarily HAVE to have that genetic variant show up.  This explains why some people get dementia, and not others…

Epigenetics is the study of the gene switching capabilities.  Super Genes suggests that we have the power to make healthy lifestyle choices, and have those affect our body–and make it a healthy environment – one that supports and bolsters immune function, and is not a welcoming environment for auto immune and cancer expression.  My mother died of colon cancer… my grandmother had a stroke, and dementia in her last two years.  I would like to live to a ripe old and have excellent health.  You can bet that I’m doing what I can to enhance my brain health, and my digestion!

I recommend SUPER GENES, for more on Epigenetics and the ability to change our internal environment.  This is an inspiring look at changing your mind, and changing your life.

This is a MUST READ.  See below for link to Amazon.

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