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What’s For Breakfast?? – Greens and Eggs!

I used to be the kind of girl who loved a hearty, rustic bread.  Loved to use the crunchy toast to swab up my eggs at breakfast.  When I went gluten free, eight years ago, I cut way back on bread, and searched to find the perfect bread substitutes.  Now for me, being gluten free doesn’t mean looking for a bread-like substance as a substitute.  It honestly means that I don’t want the bread.

It wasn’t until I went Paleo, two years ago, that I realized the joy in adventuring into greens with my breakfast.  Let me explain…  I was reading Sarah Ballantyne’s Paleo Approach, and she stated, that you’d better learn to love eating a “copious amount of greens”.  And I thought to myself, “copious–that is a LOT.”

As it turns out, the microbes in our gut LOVE the insoluble fiber of leafy green vegetables!  So, when you begin to shift your diet to include more of these, you are in fact starting a cascade of benefits, which starts with healing your gut!  I can easily digress into a discourse on leaky gut, but I wanted to share about what my morning meals look like.

I incorporate the advice of Kathy Abascal, in her Abascal Way to Quiet Inflammation, she makes these Anti-Inflammatory breakfast recommendations:

  1. Never eat grains for breakfast (say what?!)

  2. Eat proportionally, 2/3 vegetables and fruits to 1/3 proteins and grains

  3. At breakfast the ratio can be 1/2, or 50% veggies to protein

She suggests just looking at your plate, and determining the size of the protein/grain and eating twice as much veggies/fruit.  That seems simple enough.  Just remember, the size ratio of what you are eating, is after it is already cooked down, so with leafy greens you start with that “copoius” serving size!

And, as it turns out, I absolutely LOVE my greens sauteed in coconut oil, and salted with Himalayan Sea Salt. I swab them around the plate soaking up the yolks.

Try something new for yourself. IF you like it, begin to incorporate it into daily life.  Habit change starts with making different choices.

Learn to Enjoy Greens!

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