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What might you do IF you knew you would succeed?

I think there is something about mid life that causes one to assess and question.  What is my life about?  What is my purpose?  What are my passions?  What is the meaning of this life of mine?  It is interesting to pause and take a look at the fabric of our lives… What are the themes that emerge?  What are the constants?  What was true for me–back then?  What is true for me now?

These are all questions to chew on.  Some of you may have answers immediately.  Some of you may take months to ponder, talk about, and assess, in order to formulate an answer for yourself.  Whichever is true for you–that is perfect.  We should be questioning–our life paths, our decisions, the places and things where we defer to others to make decisions for us.  Question everything.  Stir the pot.  Some things are meant to be put into the slow cooker to let simmer over time.

I want to know:  “What might you do IF you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you would succeed?

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