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What makes Your Soul Sing?

That is a question that bears repeating, in the present tense.   So ask yourself, “What makes My Soul Sing?”

Many of us aren’t used to looking within.  We are too busy caring for others, doing our jobs, playing out or respective roles to a T.  I’m going to encourage you to quiet the dull roar of to do’s and look within.  This is a great mindfulness practice.  Many of us aren’t tuned into what we feel, or what we want.  Sometimes it begins as simply as asking: “What do I want?”  And sometimes I have to place my hand on my belly, and get quiet.

I like to think of this as a practice, because I am am always practicing how to do it–this tuning in and figuring out what I want, or how I feel.  Start small, begin to ask directly for what you want, the small stuff – how you want your food prepared, or what movie You want to see.  As you begin to tune in, you’ll get better at asking for what you want, and making choices that support that.

Make a list of things that make your soul sing.  Write it down, say it out loud, visualize doing these things.  Do one of these, today. Maybe it’s take a longer shower, buy yourself some flowers, go for a walk along the shore, catch the sunset, look up at night and appreciate the stars.  Maybe it is something bigger, start an exercise routine, register for a fitness or yoga class–and get up and go to it!

For me, the soul singing moments are in the little moments of the day – slowing down enough to see the shore birds, sleep in late, go to the ocean, hike a mountain, enjoy the view you have, order a milkshake, dance in the living room, laugh out loud.

What makes Your Soul SING?!

I encourage you to do more of those things.


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