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Today I am grateful the first day of Spring!

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 79

Grateful for the Vernal Equinox! Happy first day of Spring! Truly, the weather could not be better. On Monday we had the hottest winter day on record in 125 years! Seventy three degrees on March 18th… =0 whoa. Today wasn’t as warm, but completely sunny and glorious; and we are graced tonight by a big FULL MOON. Sublime.

I am so in love with the planet. I love the blooming flowers. I’m grateful for the singing birds.

O! Grace found a little humming bird this morning, he was sitting in the gravel on the side of the road. My neighbor Josie, and I tended him, she brought out some sugar water; I dipped my finger and and held droplets to the end of his sweet little beak. He was breathing and sitting up right. We wondered if he was cold, or had been stunned. After a few minutes of us fussing over him, trying to figure out if he needed any additional assistance he slurped up a drop or two of sugar water, and buzzed away from us, into a much safer spot. We gave him our love and let him be. I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service to this lovely little bird.

This evening, just before sunset I popped down to the boat launch for my second paddle of the season! I am grateful that I live so close to water access. I am grateful for the waves, the light, the ripples on the water, the color, pattern and texture–Oh My! Lots of little jelly fish. I am happy to be a SUP Mermaid!

I love paddling as the sun is setting and the color is all around me. When I started this evening, I paddled into the blue. The sky to the East turned shades of Pink-Purple. The sky to the west was a blaze in Orange-Red. My heart beats faster in this amazing environment. I will absolutely never tire seeing it, being in it, nor taking photos of the unfolding magic. MAGNIFICENT! May you be blessed by Wonder, Joy and a sense of Magic! _____________ 365 Days of Wonderful ~ A daily Gratitude Practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive. Thanks for tuning in.

I am a Wellness Coach, I advocate self-care, listening to your heart, making good wellness choices, like eating well, drinking water, getting quality sleep, saying Yes more–to yourself, to new experiences, and to the people in your life. I believe that when we begin to take steps toward doing more of what makes us happy that EVERYTHING in our life will transform!

If I piqued your interest, I offer a free Clarity Call, so that you can experience coaching first hand, and get clear on your next best steps. Message me directly, or schedule online at:

Blessings! ______________ Individual Inquiry: I invite you to catch more sunsets. Notice where you are aware of the color, light and texture in your world. Are you aware of the cycle of the moon and tides? Everything ebbs and flows. Are you connected to a sense of Magic and Magnificence?

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