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Today I am grateful for this glorious planet.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 112

Today I am grateful for this glorious planet.  It is Earth Day.  I am grateful for the companies that recognize that we need to make changes to the way we do business, and for those that have the foresight to create products that reduce impact on our planet.

I love hearing about the paper straw movement. I love visiting communities where there are programs for recycling and reducing waste. We need to think outside the To-Go Box and STOP USING STYROFOAM. Ask your local retailers to make a shift. Or better yet–bring your own containers. Imagine the impact we could have on the planet IF everyone brought their own coffee cup to Starbucks!!! It is OK to just decline the lids! Hey, try using a stainless steel water bottle…Imagine a day without cases of water in plastic water bottles at every market under the sun… Shop thrift stores. Vote with your dollars and buy products that are made with recycled materials.

Please think about your habits and see HOW you can reduce waste in your daily life–AND Share it on FB. Let’s start a movement. We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

The other day I was visiting my dad and we got to talking about global warming… he doesn’t believe it is happening… Shocked I reacted with a bit of vehemence… seriously, how can you not recognize the science? Hmmm and now cruise ships are able to go through the northwest passage… Yes, I concur that the poles shift and that are natural evolutionary changes to our planet–but to say that man has nothing to do with it–well, that is just complete ignorance.

He went on to forward an article he read from the Wall Street Journal, that said that IF America stopped producing carbon emissions–that it would not make an impact–because other countries are still polluting… I got flaming mad. I explained that the problem is that articles like this just make people shrug and want to do nothing–in an “It’s no use attitude.” And then I said, BUT IF America stopped all activities that produced carbon emissions, and started voting with our dollars for earth-friendly products–overnight–you can bet that the other countries would shift their focus to creating products that were earth friendly–so that they could capture our revenues. Hello? Remember the movie Wall-E?!! WAKE UP.

We do not live in a bubble. Absolutely every thing, every action, every decision has a ripple effect that is felt on our planet. We can make a difference. AND we can start today.

A couple of years ago, I attended a Town Hall Talk on the book DRAWDOWN. The editor spoke passionately about carbon emissions and gave a presentation on the top 20 ways we can draw down carbon emissions in the next 20 years. This was an incredible presentation. I laughed, I cried, I came home inspired.

This book bought together brilliant minds from around the globe, grad students, scientists, mathematicians, they studied, did the math, and they came up with a plan–a book full of ways/things we can do to make a difference and reduce our carbon footprint. This book shares the monetary impact, and the scientific evidence that we can do this–together.

Here is a link to the book. I recommend that we get our heads out of the sand, and into solution… before there is no planet left for our children. Get a copy, share a copy, check it our at the library–recommend it to your book group. Let’s increase awareness–GLOBALLY. Give it to the people in your life that scoff at global warming. You can bet that my dad is getting one for Father’s Day!

I am grateful for my education. I am grateful for my curious mind. I am grateful for my discernment. I am grateful to believe that I CAN make a difference. I am grateful for the people who DO make a difference. I am grateful that I inhabit this lovely globe.

We are ALL In This Together.

Happy Earth Day! __________________ 365 Days of Wonderful ~ A Daily Gratitude Practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

Thanks for tuning in. I am a Wellness Coach and a Life Coach. I advocate listening to your heart’s song to find sustainable Joy. I believe that when we do more of what makes us happy that our life unfolds in miraculous ways. When we begin to empower our heart, it leads us on our path of destiny.

If you are ready for a Transformation–what do you want more of? ______________ Individual Inquiry: In what ways are you committed to making a difference–on the planet? Are you willing to stop buying water in plastic bottles? Can you Just Say NO to Styrofoam? HOW and What can you do to reduce waste in your daily life? Are you willing to try putting a reusable water bottle, travel mug, and options for your own to-go containers in your car? Do you Bring Your Own Bags to the grocery store? Are you willing to start your own Reduce Waste Challenge in your corner of this Lovely Planet? Would you be interested in sharing a copy of DRAWDOWN–AND talking about it?!! Let’s do this!

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