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Today I am grateful for things coming together.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 177

Today I am grateful for things coming together. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, things have been coming together. I celebrate this shift, and I am grateful for the opportunity to sit with my impatience.

It is interesting to think about managing my expectations… today I was expecting a package form UPS. I had thought that I might get it last Monday, but UPS had it on track for today. I needed to be around to sign for my package, and the UPS website told me to expect it between 11a and 3p…

I was hyper-aware of every rumbly truck that came down my road today. I wrote notes and left them on the porch during client sessions, notifying the potential delivery that I’d be available for a signature–if they’d just step down the driveway. At 245p my much-anticipated package had not arrived, and I needed to cancel Grace’s appointment at the Vet. I apologized and rescheduled. At 6:45p I was still waiting, cranky, and agitated.. I checked the tracking website, only to ascertain that a delivery could potentially arrive as late as 9pm… [Aye. Keep Breathing!]

Can I just say, that news has me grateful that I do not have a delivery job that is dependent of the number of deliveries I need to make in a day! I went out to water the garden, breathe deep, and aim to just “let it go.” A short while later the UPS driver showed up, smiling at my happy dance and grateful cheers. It was after 7p… normally he delivers in my hood mid-day.

I thanked him for his hard work, as I realized that he must have had a very busy day–AND he was still working, munching on a power bar–not his dinner, AND he maintained a cheerful attitude.

How many times might I have grumbled at someone because my expectations had not been met… I was aware of my own angst and level of agitation, and I recognize that I had the opportunity to look at me, instead of the situation. I am grateful to be able to “let it go” and thank the driver instead of make some not-nice remark.

I am grateful to have the time to slow down and water my garden, and pull up the grasses that are busily going to seed. I am grateful that I made it to library to pick up the book I had requested. AND I was able to stop in to friend’s house on my way home. I noticed that she had glorious poppies; I am grateful that I had the mindfulness to be able to take them in.

Maybe this whole trip is a mind game. Who is going to win? You or the things you are wrestling with? ______________ Individual Inquiry: Where in your life do you need to manage your expectations? Are there times when you need to breathe and “let it go?” Can you make the shift to gratitude, and imagine what might also be true in the circumstance? (like the driver having a very busy day, working through the dinner hour…)

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