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Today I am grateful for the reminder that I am not in control–sometimes God has other plans.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 113

Today I am grateful for the reminder that I am not in control–sometimes God has other plans. I am grateful for survival of the fittest. I am grateful for the expression of both complete joy and deep sorrow.

The other night Grace found a ground nest with a couple of baby birds. I quickly escorted her to the front yard and closed the gate. I created a small barricade with yard waste bins, around the nest, to try and protect it.

The next morning I came down and created an even bigger barricade–I brought down a couple of trellises and sanctioned off a larger area, and then put the yard waste bins around that. When I looked in the nest there were two little angelic birds–seemingly smiling in the sun. I was ecstatic. It has been a really LONG time since I had little birds in a nest that I could watch.

Later in the day it started to rain… There was not anything over the little birds, so I went and found a big plastic bin and put it over the trellises… I had a good laugh at myself–like an overprotective grandmother–going WAY over the top. I put a large dried up maple leaf, slightly over them as well.

Late in afternoon as I was going down to the studio, I heard the ruckus of wildly chirping birds… O! NO! Grace had squirmed up and pawed the nest…. OOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO! I cried in anguish, I put her in the front yard, and fell to my knees crying over these little birds. One seemed alive, and I put it back in the nest… I told the birds that I was SO SO SO VERY SORRY. I backed away from the nest and into the doorway of my studio.

There were about 10 birds in the trees, the parents (Oregon Juncos) were screaming the loudest, they were accompanied by Rufus Sided Towhee, Sparrows, other Juncos, and after few minutes – a humming bird flew over… it flew right in front of the parents, and then over to the nest and it hovered over some of the tall grasses nearby, and then back to the parents to give a report.

I came into the house, awash in deep anguish. I lay on the floor and cried my heart out. I cried for the loss of life. I cried for the loss of having a nest to watch. I cried for having a bird dog. I cried because I could not protect them. I moaned, and sobbed, and cried. As if the inner 8 year old inside of me mourned all of her losses.

The next morning, with moral support from my lovely fella we investigated the nest. Both little birds had gone to heaven. I heaved a heavy sigh… and then I let Grace into the yard. She immediately found the 3rd chick! So I put her on restriction and back into the front yard. Hallelujah! I am grateful for survival of the fittest!

I did a little research on Oregon Juncos, it turns our that they make ground nests… among the tall grasses. The juveniles leave the nest at 10-11 days, and the parents continue to feed them, until they can fly (about 2 weeks). Wow, a ground nest???!!! That feels so vulnerable.

I watched out of my office window, and the mama Junco flitted near the nest, gave a little song, flitted up to wait. Junior–I’m calling him “Lucky” scurried to the spot mama had been, and she flew down and fed him. Oh Thank You God.

This morning I looked out of the office window to see where the birds were… it did not take long before I spotted the parents flittering around the pear tree, and then swooping down to feed junior–in the middle of the lawn. Evidently these hearty birds develop their leg muscles, before their wings develop fully. He has some feathers, and I am happy to say, I spotted the parents tending him all day.

What a tumultuous, emotion filled experience. I love science. I love collecting bird nests. I love that sweet birds have chosen my yard to fledge their brood–well, OK–“Lucky.” Can I just say, I am grateful that I am NOT a mother bird. Aye, facing life and death, and uncertainty–every single day.

I appreciate the opportunity to feel the depth of my emotions. I am grateful for the chance to share this story–which feels miraculous. I am amazed that all the birds came together–like a neighborhood comes out in times of strife to comfort each other when tragedy strikes. I love that the humming bird buzzed over–I bet he spotted Junior in the grass–when I had not.

Sometimes crisis strikes, and there is not one thing we can do about it, except go on. _________________ 365 Days of Wonderful ~ A daily gratitude practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

I am a Wellness Coach, and a Transformational Life Coach. Thanks for tuning in. I help people clarify their purpose, figure out what gives them passion and meaning, and coach them toward making empowered action steps, while helping them identify what is stopping them, so they can get more of what they say they want.

I believe the necessary component is to listen to our hearts–like a well calibrated compass, and do more of what makes us happy–in order to transform our lives into something we LOVE. When we focus on making better wellness choices, and we begin to feel better–and every aspect of our lives transforms–for the better.

IF you are ready to make changes, willing to dig around in beliefs, and if you are ready to show up for yourself in a big way–then coaching may be right for you. IF this resonates with you–I offer a free 90 minute Empower Wonderful You Clarity Session, message Monika Adams for information or to schedule. ______________ Individual Inquiry: Where do you feel vulnerable? What brings you supreme joy? Do you feel the need to over protect and control things? Is there something that you may need to let go of–in order to move forward?

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