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Today I am grateful for the magic of airline flight

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 110

Today I am grateful for the magic of airline flight, and family dynamics at the holidays. On a whim, and with the help of my family I decided to fly to Spokane to be with family and celebrate with an Easter gathering. Normally a trip to Spokane, for me represents a day long journey across the state, a tour of the rest stops, and a drive that seems to never end. For the first time in 23 years, I flew to Spokane.

I took one of the puddle jumpers that affords a window or isle seat in every row, and the vibration of the engines could be touted as an upgraded massage experience—at no extra charge! AND the overhead compartments do NOT accommodate the standard carry-on size, so they cart check your bags on the tarmac, and they are these bags first unloaded so there is no WAIT at baggage claim!

Since I am focusing on gratitude, I am grateful for the opportunity to catch a flight. I am grateful that the flight is short. I am grateful that the smaller planes are quick to load and unload. I am grateful for the flight crew, and the infrastructure of airports and municipalities. I am grateful for the free water and congenial flights attendants. I am grateful for the ability to read, or sleep, or do whatever I please while someone else drives, AND if I have to use the restroom, I don’t need to pull over!

I decided this year to make time for more family connections. In the past I have made an annual sojourn to Spokane—around Father’s day, to honor my dad. As my pops is now 75, I think I should try to make the trip across the state more frequently—because honestly, not one of us is getting out of here alive. And–well you just never know who has an express ticket.

I don’t see this Eastern contingent of my family tree very often, so it is always interesting observing, and re-integrating into their routines, and ways of being. My sister and I decided to cook, to give mom a break so she could have more time to visit. My sister and brother in law went all out grocery shopping and delivered a spiral ham, asparagus, and all the fix’ens for scalloped potatoes and sweet potato casserole. I am grateful for their kindness and generosity.

We talked, and laughed, and caught up. We shared pictures and the libations were flowing. I am not much of a drinker—I like to limit myself to one or two–aaah–when in Rome do as the Romans… It is interesting to watch as the intensity of emotion scales up with the quantity of alcohol consumed. Laughter, tears, hugs, and heart to heart discussions were the order of the evening. I am grateful that everyone showed up, and had the opportunity to be heard.

AND thank God for the respite of berry pie. __________________ 365 Days of Wonderful ~ A Daily Gratitude Practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive.

Thanks for tuning in. I am a Wellness Coach and a Life Coach. I advocate listening to your heart’s song to find sustainable Joy. I believe that when we do more of what makes us happy that our life unfolds in miraculous ways. When we begin to empower our heart, it leads us on our path of destiny.

If you are ready for a Transformation–what do you want more of? ______________ Individual Inquiry: Are you aware of your family dynamics? Are you able to be the observer? Do you get triggered? Are you able to speak your mind and be authentic? Do you feel heard?

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