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Today I am grateful for the Herons in the bay.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 179

Today I am grateful for the Herons in the bay. On my morning walk I counted 15! I love these big majestic birds. The tide was WAY out and it was time for breakfast.

We have a rookery in the trees on the hill. That in itself is an incredible site, which doesn’t translate in photos… but when you walk up the hill and see them standing in pairs in their nests (maybe 20-30 of them), and hear them squawking – it is utterly jaw dropping.

I am grateful for the reminder that these beautiful creatures are right here, living on our shores, making their living and raising their young. It is ALL about family for them.

I have to admit that this coming holiday is my least favorite of the year. HATE is a word I use when I think about drunk people lighting flaming things that explode into the trees and over the water. The amount of litter left on the streets is almost more than I can bare. I’ve had a dog for most of my days, and on this holiday, and I stay home, drug the dog, and turn up the music. But think about the birds–EVERYWHERE, that do not comprehend the war zone that surrounds them.

Please – be kind. Celebrate the country with food and community–maybe some sparklers and watermelon… Save your money–don’t burn it!

I am grateful for the neighborhood gatherings. I am grateful for our freedom. I am grateful for the men and women who serve our country. I am grateful for the police, fire fighters, and EMT’s that are first on the scene – tirelessly saving our butts. I am grateful for the folks that don’t drink and drive.

I am grateful for my Vet’s willingness to dispense doggie downers- no questions asked. I am grateful for the folks that sweep up their debris the next morning. I am SUPER grateful for the folks in my neighborhood that DO NOT light fireworks, nor bombs, nor squeeling, popping, flaming things into the trees, nor over the water.

I am grateful for the folks that wrap it up at a decent hour, so that I can take my stressed out, drugged dog into her yard for a pee at midnight, without more trauma of bombs… please, and thank you in advance for your thoughtful kindness.

Whoa. Guess I’m a tree hugging animal lover, who hates war, violence, and trauma induced PTSD. Yep. You found me out. There is still lots to be grateful for–even in my rant!

Blessings for a safe holiday across the nation. ______________ Individual Inquiry: Have you slow down enough to notice where the heron rookery is in your neighborhood?

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