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Today I am grateful for sunsets.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 120

Today I am grateful for sunsets. Each day the birds greet the day with bird song. I like to think that they sing out the day as well. A sunset is a great time to reflect on the day, and count your blessings.

I have a friend that does “High/Lows” at the dinner table with his kids. They each report on their highs for the day, and their lows. Often they start with the low of the day–in order to land on a high. Sometimes we need to vent about the lows–first, to get stuff off of our chests–literally. Then when we share about our Highs, or the good stuff of the day our spirits are naturally lifted.

I am grateful for the day. I love the rhythm of the tides, and the cycles of the moon. I appreciate the progression through the seasons, with the starkness of the winter, to the super overgrowth of Spring. Life is about the contrasts. With the Lows we can recognize the Highs.

Each day we are renewed–we awake. Each day we are given a chance to celebrate, and make the day be whatever we want it to be. Some days we have lower energy, some days we have higher. Some times we are up and optimistic–feeling expansive and hopeful, others we need to retreat and go inward.

I am grateful for the sunset–for the reminder that the day draws to a close, for the opportunity to reflect on my day, for the chance to be grateful. Gratitude rewires the brain–the more we do it, the easier it becomes. You can do it too.

If you find yourself feeling jacked up and cranky–list 10 things you are grateful for. If you have a fight with your partner–list 10 things you love about them. Those neural synapses will fire, and you’ll recharge the positive pathways instead of the negative ones. IF you absolutely have to rant–then see IF you can do it in a Gratitude sandwich… with gratitude before and after the rant. Make your gratitude portions larger than the rant–either deliberately keep the rant short, or REALLY EXPAND the GRATITUDE–so that there is more of that. You’ll love the way Gratitude Transforms Your Life.

I invite you to make a daily practice of it. Try it for a specific amount of time. Challenge your Facebook friends to a Gratitude focus. Let’s Change the World! ____________________ 365 Days of Wonderful – a daily gratitude practice for re-framing life with a slant toward the positive. Thanks for tuning in!

I am a Transformational Life Coach, I help people in major transition and life crisis – or health crisis, gain clarity, personal empowerment, and go from stuck in a rut–to Wonderful. Find your purpose, passion, and meaning. Learn to listen to Your Heart’s Song, and calibrate your inner compass toward Joy. Coaching provides support and accountability, so that you take consistent empowered action and transform your life in a deliberate way. Together we move mountains!

If you are ready for change in a BIG Way, then private message Monika Adams. I offer a 90 minute Empower Wonderful You Clarity session (in person, or by phone or video)–it will help you gain clarity about what might be stopping you from having more of what you want.

Listen to your Heart–heed its call. Now is all there is. ______________ Individual Inquiry: Take the sunset as a cue to focus on gratitude. What are you grateful for today?! Find the song in your heart, and fill it with the appreciation. Appreciation brings us to Gratitude, and Gratitude brings us to Appreciation. Share your gratitude with your Tribe–let’s change the world.

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