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Today I am grateful for Possibility and Hope.

365 Days of Wonderful – Day 78

Today I am grateful for Possibility. Possibility and Hope go hand in hand. Doors of Opportunity present themselves and you get to choose a path. You make your decision and take a step toward what you want. And then, you get to graciously wait to see what the Universe delivers up. The beginnings of things are always nerve wracking for me. I want to know how it is going to go. The waiting is the hardest part (Tom Petty was right!).

I am a planner, and a doer, and I like to decide–and get going! I tend to dive into the deep end–you know sink or swim. There are times that I have learned to be an observer, to wait and see. But this waiting is not what my heart yearns for. My monkey mind runs all around, jabbering what if’s, chasing shadows and doubts. My inner little girl feels this tightness in my chest, like waiting to be chosen for the team in PE… hoping to be picked.

Breathing and Long Walks are essential for me to calm the anxiety and quell the monkey mind. Either it will happen, or it wont, and there is really not a damn thing I can do, except wait. Heart on my sleeve, I’ve stated my desires to God, like wishing on a shooting star. I’ve stated it and I need to let go and trust. IF it doesn’t happen, then something better will–and that will be revealed in time. So in the interim I have Possibility and Hope.

IF I can imagine it, it is Possible. Magic Happens. Everything unfolds in it’s right timing. Patience is a Virtue. So I wait. It is a mindfulness practice really… to be present to my desires, and notice my reactions. I have a knowing, and an excitement, and a passionate desire. And my breath–while I sit and be present to the tension of waiting and seeing. I am stretching my heart’s capacity, and I am grateful to the brim–for the opportunity that has come my way.

My day yielded up time for a 2 hour lunch, and a walk at the beach. It was record high temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest again today–73 in Silverdale and Port Orchard–it felt like 78 in the sun. I am loving the little flowers in the grass… I want those beauties in my lawn–so I plucked some to scatter and seed into my lawn. Pure Joy. I am grateful for the flowers smiling up at me from the grass!

I also had time for a short nap after lunch. I love a 15-20 min power refresh. I am so grateful for a quiet place to rest my head and shut my eyes. It is like rebooting the hard drive. Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “Almost everything will work again inf you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” (Ann Lamont). ________________

365 Days of Wonderful ~ A Daily Gratitude Practice, to re-frame life with a slant toward the positive.

Thanks for tuning in. I am a Wellness Coach. I help clients tune into their Heart’s Song, and find sustainable Joy. ______________ Individual Inquiry: Are you wanting an outcome to manifest in your life? Connect to Possibility and Hope. Breathe into the tension to quiet the mind. What are other ways that you quiet the monkey mind? Are you able to watch yourself and be present to your reactions? Can you find gratitude in the waiting? Can you be at peace with any outcome?

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